Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Best CBD Products For The Modern Filipino

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We all know that we Phillipinos are number one for fun. Whether we are cooking with our titos and titas, or chasing around our little cousins, we are always doing it with a smile. Filipinos are always looking for happiness and health, and to experience the absolute best that life has to offer. Well, when it comes to CBD, CBDfx gummies are known as the best, and the best is exactly what we are looking for.

There is an almost never ending sea of CBD manufacturers these days, and it can be quite difficult to sort through them all to find the best fit for you and your lifestyle. So many CBD companies market themselves as having the highest quality CBD around, but when you actually order and try the product it falls short. Fortunately we have done a whole bunch of research in regards to CBD companies and found the one we think is the absolute best. CBDfx is number one for fun in our eyes and number one in quality. CBDfx has so much variety to choose from it can make your head spin(in a good way).

With such high quality CBD and an amazing variety of interesting and exciting products, you are sure to find the perfect CBDfx product to compliment your busy life. This company is the best in our eyes. Their products are the highest quality we have come across, and their product line makes this super high quality CBD accessible to everybody, no matter what their prefered method of dosing is. The CBDfx gummies were the tastiest little treat I have had in years.

These little guys pack a real punch when it comes to flavor. The very enjoyable fruity flavors, combined with the natural, rich, aromatic, earthy flavor that comes from the hemp plant. This in my opinion is the perfect balance of nurture and nature. The blend of flavors is one that man has created, but only using the heavenly flavors that we are so lucky to exist naturally here on earth. Such a combination is sure to make any mouth water. We Filipinos know fruit, and we know fruit well, so when I say these fruity flavors really stand out, you know I mean business.

When I was a little girl growing up in Manila, I would always find trees to climb to pick fruit, my ina(mom) was always telling me to get down from the trees because I might hurt myself. But she was always hiding a smile when she found me so I knew that she was proud of her little girl. All the boys in my class would climb trees and bring bags of fruit home to their families, but they always said I couldn't because I am a girl. One day I asked my ina if I could borrow a shopping bag to go collect fruit with the boys, she said ok but I had to be sure to be home by dinner. I ran off into the jungle, smiling from ear-to-ear. When I arrived my best friend Princess was laying on the ground hurt. She had fallen out of the tree while trying to collect fruit and twisted her ankle. I picked Princess up and put her on my shoulders to carry her home. I was a very strong little girl. Not just physically, but mentally. I gave up on my dreams of picking fruit with the boys and focused my time on Princess. Over time Princess and I grew closer and closer.

Years later Princess is the one who turned me on to the best CBD company around. CBDfx has been my go-to for my daily dose of CBD since I first tried the CBDfx gummies. I had been a regular CBD user and advocate in my little Phillipino community in Arkansas, and had tried just about everything out there. Plenty of products were good, and like everybody, I had my favorites, but one day that all changed, and now I use only CBDfx products because they are the best, and when you’ve found the best you can forget the rest. I'll never forget the first time I slipped one of those supple fruity little gummies in my mouth.

Princess and I had been out to a fairly late dinner one warm Arkansas summer night. The restaurant was empty, we had paid the check, and were ready to call a cab because we had a couple drinks. I was starting to get a headache but it had been a while since Princess and I had seen each other and she wanted to keep the night going. She could tell that I was starting to drag a little bit and asked me if I would like to try a CBDfx gummy before we go back to her place. Well, hanging out with Princess has always been my secret little escape, and CBD has become one of my secret little treats for my body as well, so I figured I would mix the two and see what happened.

I agreed, and Princess pulled her little bottle of CBDfx gummies out of her purse and handed me one. As soon as the gentle gummy hit my tongue my mouth began to water. The flavor was amazing! The texture was perfect! “What brand did you say this is?” I immediately asked Princess. “CBDfx” she replied. “They are the only brand I use now”.

I was completely blown away. And not only that, but I was invigorated and excited. I had never had such an amazingly tasty CBD gummy. The powerful but subtle flavor of fruit took me right back to the trees in the jungle where Princess and I truly found each other. The night was magic again, I completely forgot about my headache, and Princess and I were able to enjoy the rest of what we had planned for the evening. Since that day I have never bought anything but CBDfx.

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