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Best Place to Kayak in Thailand

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Thailand is a beautiful place to visit and do some adventures. This southeastern Asian country is known for the Buddha figures, beautiful temples, luxurious royal forts, and tropical beaches. Thailand tour would be the best entertaining tour in your life, be it for the first time or for an official trip. This country has no option of getting bored. When you are in the country, you will love the humblest people in the country. You will not feel alone around them. Thailand is the country that has all the hot tourist spots that you must to visit. Today I will talk about the adventure of kayaking in Thailand.

Kayaking in Thailand

Kayaking is a fun and adventurous activity on the water. You can move through the water with a small canoe with a double-bladed paddle. You can steer through the water by using side to side paddle strokes. In Thailand, there are two best places to go for kayaking. One is in Phang Nga Bay in Phuket, and the other one is in Krabi. Let’s take a look at these places.

· Kayaking in Krabi:

Krabi is a beautiful town in Thailand with beautiful temples and interesting islands. This location is popular for its endless beauty and calm nature. You will see tourists come to this place to enjoy sightseeing the landscapes and kayaking. In Krabi, water sports experience is considered as the best experience. Seawater and streams surround the town. You can sail with the kayak amidst the remote island and thick jungle.

The best time to go for kayaking in Krabi is November to March because Krabi is a warm place in all year. But in November to march, the weather stays humid and comfortable. So, try to visit Krabi at that time. There are four places to kayak in the Krabi that no one should miss. The areas are:

Thalane Bay is the perfect place for water lovers. In this place, you can row with the kayak in the beautiful scenery around you. The area near Hong Island and Ao Nang bay is considered as the best kayaking spot in Krabi. When you enter this bay, you will enjoy beautiful views of the islands nearby. In the bay, you can go for kayak tours for half a day or a full day. The water of this bay is crystal clear, and you can enjoy the underwater view with ease. The bay is surrounded by a mangrove forest where you will see different birds, otters, monkeys, and lizards.

Bor Thor Village is popular for natural landscapes and mesmerizing river routes. You will be the lucky one to enjoy the rare sights in this village. In this village, you will find a list of caves with boundaries. Among them, the famous cave is Pee Hua Toh. This cave has ancient paintings that may have been created way back a thousand years ago. Besides the caves, there are mangrove forests and wildlife sights to enjoy.

Talabeng Island is a cliff that has limestones. The limestone formation makes the scenery dreamy. The caves in this island come in two types like sea caves and land caves, these caves are the main attractions of this island as the caves have developed naturally. Tourists can explore the beaches and enjoy the wilderness.

Tung Yee Peng is the mangrove forest that is considered as the gem of Thailand's ecotourism. Thanks to the locales who help to develop the forest and restore the natural resources. Kayaking is the best option to enjoy the sights of this mysterious and beautiful mangrove forest.

When you are in Krabi for kayaking, know about the tides. In high tides, you can’t go in the caves, and in low tides, the shallowness will block the kayak pass. Make sure to take a professional guide with you on tour.

· Kayaking in Phang Nga Bay:

Phang Nga Bay is a beautiful location with plants, caves, islands, and limestone cliffs. You will find the scenery breathtaking and eye-soothing. To enjoy the scenes entirely is to use the canoes. This quiet and slow movement will help to enjoy the beautiful natural view without any problem.

If you want to enjoy Phang Nga Bay in the day time, I will recommend going with john gray sea canoe. You will enjoy the tour with their proper guidance. You will have a wooden boat to take the trip to the bay. With this boat, you will have time to enjoy the natural beauty without any hurry.

You will also have time to explore the Hongs. The guide will paddle way through the water to let you enjoy the exotic view of aquatic life, birds, and plants. While exploring the Hongs, you will come across with many caves and tunnels. All these have histories. The last surprise of the day trip is the Kratong cave. The locals release a small floating boat with candles and orchids in this cave in the belief of bringing a good fortune. You can make this trip from sunrise to sunset easily.

If you want to enjoy the night trip to Phang Nga Bay, then I recommend to do it. Because kayaking under the night sky is will be a memorable moment for your whole life. But some tunnels and caves stay close during night time.

Thailand is a country that offers different surprises with natural beauty. You will not have enough from this country when you are there as a tourist. If you go for a vacation in that country, you must have the opportunity to enjoy the kayaking. The natural scenes, cliffs, caves, and wildlife will make you happy and energetic for the rest of your life. You will have ample stories to tell about the natural beauties of your future generation. So try to make time and go for kayaking in Thailand. Thailand has gained an international reputation for colorful coral reefs, beaches, and fantastic coastlines. So, everyone should make an opportunity to visit Thailand once in a lifetime.

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