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LASIK Laser Eye Surgery - What Is It And How Can It Help You?

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If you have worn glasses or contact lenses your whole life then you may feel like a change. While using these methods to correct your vision is perfectly fine, some people can find them restrictive. Not only is there the ongoing cost of buying new glasses and contact lenses, but also the hassle of maintaining them. When you also have to remember to bring glasses with you wherever you go or put contacts in before you leave the house, an alternative option is sought by many.

Laser eye surgery is the main alternative to correcting impaired vision in terms of cosmetic surgery. This sees patients undergo a surgical procedure to correct their eyesight and restore their vision for the future. Within this, LASIK laser eye surgery is one option that many people choose.

What is LASIK laser eye surgery? 

Standing for Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, this is perhaps the most popular laser eye surgery around. In simple terms, it involves the creation of a hinged flap within the eye's cornea as part of the procedure. After this, the surgeon will then remove wafer-thin layers from the cornea itself using a laser. Once the procedure is complete, patients should experience clearer eyesight without the need for glasses or contacts.

Why choose LASIK laser eye surgery? 

If you are thinking of using this treatment then the below are some of the benefits it can bring.

High success rate 

LASIK surgery has been around for a while now and concrete evidence of its effectiveness has built up. Studies of past results indicate that around 95% of people who undergo this type of laser eye surgery will achieve 20/40 vision, while around 85% saw a return to 20/20 vision. This means it is one treatment that has been shown to work and that you can trust to help.

Long-term results 

If you have spent a lot of money on having cosmetic surgery done then you want to know it will last for the long term. LASIK is a great choice here as it has been shown to provide long-lasting results. While it may take a little time after the procedure for your eyesight to adjust, when it does there should be no need for further follow-up surgery to keep it in the best condition.

Fast recovery period

One of the amazing features of LASIK eye surgery is that it offers quick recovery times. While you will not be able to drive straight after the surgery, within a couple of days you should be able to lead a normal life and go back to your busy schedule. This kind of surgery does not usually require a recovery period in the clinic afterwards, or leave you with stitches or bandages, which is a bonus for many.

There is no doubt that laser eye surgery can not only save you lots of money overall compared to glasses or contact lenses but also deliver great results. LASIK surgery is one of the premier forms of this type of surgery for the reasons shown above. If you would like to know more about this kind of help for your eyesight, give us a call today. As one of Europe's leading cosmetology clinics, Vera Clinic will provide the support and information needed to make the right decision about your cosmetic surgery.

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