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The After Six Club Accused of Scam, Changed Contest Mechanics On Last Minute

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BEWARE OF SCAMMERS: This is a complaint against The After Six Club suddenly changing the mechanics of a social media contest on the last minute of the event.

The organizers were insisting that they have the right to change contest mechanics even on the last minute of the contest.

Wow! Even a child would know that is wrong and unacceptable.

Calling on Drew Binsky, this is obviously a scamming group. Avoid them and help us expose this people.

Speaking with The After Six Club EIC Author Kath Eustaquio-Derla via their official Facebook page, she checked if  the complainant who sent messages on their official Facebook page was invited to cover as media or blogger/vlogger. She was informed that the complainant registered as an attendee since the event was open to the public. Later, the complsinants was prevented in messaging the page. Blocked it seems!

Unlike Anton Diaz or the other influencers there,  the complainant registered. Similar to his participation at the event of Nas Daily held at the Mall of Asia where we also did a video composed of the crowd that attended. We saw ourselves on the video too.

Most of the attendees were there as fans, but since somebof us are bloggers and vloggers as well, it has been habitual to also take photos and videos, and when the need arises, upload immediately especially when there's a social media competition announced.

Bloggers are very competitive thus we often win because we pay close attention to the instructions and try to be as creative as possible

So when they, Kassy Pajarillo  founder of The After Six Club and Ricky Shetty of, announced that the person with the most number of posts will win a 3days and 2nights stay in Boracay, we were naturally excited to participate since we want to see the island after it's 6-month hiatus brought about by the order of the President to rehabilitate it.

Thus, we did our usual routine at every event coverage we attend, took videos and lots of photos, and since there's a contest, immediately uploaded the photos and some short videos after every segment break. Like after the event introduction where they announced the social media contest, after Drew Binsky's introduction of himself, after a few Q&A, after Edwin Nombre's talk, after Cora's talk, after the donation portion, after the group video where we had to shout some words prepared by Drew Binsky, after the group photo with the other influencers, after the selfie with Drew, and so on.

As you can probably imagine, we were working fast-paced and thanks to our data connection, we were able to upload immediately in an effort to win the contest.

However, towards the end of the event when Kassy was announcing winners of minor prizes, she kept adding new hashtags and announced a different mechanics for the contest.

That was absurd! Why will they suddenly change the contest mechanics at the last part of the event when all uploaded already content based on the original instruction?

Was it to favor someone else to win? Nobody would just change the mechanics of a contest after everyone already did their part to join, and posts lots on Facebook, for a chance to win the Boracay contest, and also they never announced the criteria of their choice for a winner. It was not a computer-generated choice, neither the one with the most Likes, but just whoever they prefer to win.

We smell something fishy here. Maybe they like her more because she was with a child that was actively engaging with Drew?

It is a good thing that a few of us were video recording, so their original announcement was recorded thus having proof without any doubt. It was loud and clear on video so they cannot deny it

However, we were shocked that when we approached them to complain, they seem to be oblivious of their original announcement, and they even told us "Would you like a planner instead?" that coming from the The After Six Founder, Kassy Pajarillo herself. Good thing a friend was there to witness what she said. Our friend just tried to calm the complainant away, and said he will try to talk to them later since he knows the members of The After Six Club.

As we left the area temporarily to answer the call of nature,  our attention was called by a lady wearing Tje Afyer Sicmx Club shirt, as we passed by her before continuing on our way to the bathroom below, she was told about the incident, and clearly emphasized about the original contest mechanics that was announced at the start of the event, but she just said "I'm sorry. Next event na lang.'" like confirming it was true but realizing also that Kassy suddenly changed the mechanics during the last minutes of the event when majority were busy lining up for a selfie with Drew Binsky.

Ninja moves! She probably thought people won't mind since they were too starstruck with Drew. But since we were more observant and engaged with everything that was happening, this incident was clearly a complete turnaround of the original contest mechanics.

Why did she made this other person to win? Are they friends? The winner seems to be the mother of one of the kids who were present there. One of the kids was even given control of a microphone and started talking as if he was one of the emcees. It was not normal for kids to be there unless thet are with their parents who are equalky engaged in social media and/or fans of Drew.

Though we were happy to meet Drew, there seems to be something bigger to prompt us to dig deeper here, and we are challenged to find out the organizer's connection with this particular winner.

Call it investigative bloggerism. We need to expose these scammers.

They changed their minds twice. When they first announced the Boracay prize, it was to be raffled among the attendees of the event

Then at the event they changed it to whoever will post the most on social media with the hashtag #DrewBinskyInManila

Then on the last minutes of the event when they were already giving away minor prizes, and everyone was busy lining up for a selfie with Drew, they changed the mechanics to three  hashtags  (#EmbraceAmbition and #TheAfterSix and #DrewBinskyInManila), must be checked in online at the venue, and the best post about their dream ambition...

As you can see. was very intentional

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