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Investing in New Health & Safety Software for Cinemas

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Cinema health, safety and security is something you cannot take lightly. As a cinema owner or manager it is your responsibility to ensure your cinema staff and visitors can enjoy their big screen experience in a secure and comfortable environment.

Having a night out at the cinema to see the latest blockbuster film is often considered one of the safest forms of entertainment that a person can experience. However, just like any other public, leisure or entertainment facility, there are risks involved.

It is your job as cinema manager to ensure that your audience members can be rest-assured that you have put in place stringent health and safety procedures to protect them. It is important to take every step possible to comply with all current health and safety laws, and that you and your cinema staff follow best practices with regard to everyone's safety, both on and off the cinema premises.

Protecting your cinema staff

There is current Health and Safety legislation that applies to all work activities in the UK. This legislation applies to all staff regardless of them being UK nationals, foreigners or unpaid volunteers. As a cinema operator or manager, you cannot delegate your legal duties under current health and safety laws. This means that you must do the following to comply with current legislation:

· Assess and manage risks
· Define responsibilities and duties
· Have a system for managing health and safety
· Regularly review the process and procedures for managing risk

As an employer, you are required to have a robust health and safety management system in operation to help reduce or completely eliminate risks to your staff and anyone needing to carry out work on your premises, such as cleaning, repair and maintenance staff.

The size and complexity of your cinema operation will affect your health and safety management system, so you need to have a very flexible and user-friendly Health & Safety Software Management system in place that will allow you to review update and amend your H&S policies as and when needed.

Risk assessment and managing risks

The area of risk assessments is one of the most fundamental parts of successfully managing a cinema. You will not only need to conduct risk assessments for your cinema employees, but you will also need to conduct risk assessments for the cinema audience, which can present a whole different set of risks than your staff face.

You will need to take an in-depth look at all of your staff activities and assess what hazards are present in their day to day duties. You must also work out what risks your cinema audience is being exposed to when experiencing these hazards. Finding ways to reduce, control or completely eliminate risks will be your top priority here.

Keeping track of your health and safety policies and procedures with regard to staff members and cinema audience members will need to be generated separately and recorded separately. You can do this more successfully by using a cutting-edge health and safety software solution, such as the one created by Blue Lemon Health & Safety Software.

With this H&S management software in place you will be able to easily manage such tasks as:

· Create templates for common Risk Assessments
· Record Risk Assessments by site and by department
· Set review frequency for Risk Assessments
· Log all hazards for each Risk Assessment
· Log hazard severity, likelihood and risk rating
· Add control measures for each hazard
· Add actions for each hazard to reduce severity,likelihood & risk rating
· Review historical changes to all Risk Assessments
· Download and print Risk Assessments in a PDF format

Our flexibly software can be perfectly tailored to suit the needs of your cinema health and safety management. Contact our friendly staff to discuss your needs. For Professional health and safety software for cinemas, click here. We are here to help!

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