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Must Try Iconic Foods From Around The World

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Have you ever dreamt of tasting scrumptious food while sitting in the cafe with a breathtaking view? We know where to find this beauty. This mouth-watering article will help you choose the destination for the next food tour.

What can represent culture better than the local cuisine? The food that people eat shows the historical development, tendencies in products that prevail in the region.

Let’s be honest, all of us love to fill our stomachs, but here we talk not only about wolfing down everything around but tasting the dishes that have more than caloric value, the dishes that became iconic.

Chicken Machboos in Doha, Qatar
Have you ever heard about chicken Machboos? This is said to be an original dish from Qatar. It is cooked in a big pot of rice, tomatoes, onions, and chicken, and laced with a lot of spices. It’s truly delicious!

You can find it in plenty of Arabic restaurants around the city. However, there are two that are particularly good — the magnificent Al Sufra Restaurant and more affordable and classical Damasca One.
Smorrebrod in Copenhagen, Denmark
When you’re in Copenhagen, there’s one thing you should hands-down try — the well-known smørrebrød. It’s a kind of open-faced sandwich with a lot of toppings usually piled so high that you don’t see the bread. In some places about 250 types of smørrebrød are served, but primarily the toppings are layered on the rye bread.

Then where should you try it? Go to Kronborg or Hallernes, or to more stylish places like Kompasset or Selma.

Hot wings in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Hot wings are the icon of Atlanta’s food culture. They’re being sold on every step, and there’s nothing that locals love more. It’s the perfect meal on the go. You can eat it spicy or plain, but you should taste lemon pepper wings, the most popular flavor.

Visit J.R. Crickets, American Deli, and ATL Wings to enjoy the best wings in the city.
Fish kefta tagine in Tangier, Morocco
Eating in Morocco can be an amazing experience for your tongue, this’s a very flavorful country. The city of Tangier, because its geography is filled with the seafood tagines. Fish kefta tagine is prepared from sardines. They’re smashed, formed into meatballs and then slow cooked. The only problem is that you will not find this dish in every restaurant around the city, because it needs a lot of time and patience. Also, people usually cook it at home.

A very nice place where you can immerse yourself into the taste and flavor of this meal is Rif Kebdani, but you can also try to find a friendly house that will share their meal with you.

Xiǎolóngbāo dumplings in Shanghai, China
There’re two forms of cuisines in Shanghai. They’re called Benbang Cuisine and Haipai Cuisine (the local one and the one that developed in the multicultural environment). It’s difficult to distinguish a meal that stands out from the multitude of dishes, but Xiǎolóngbāo dumplings are considered the most iconic food. You cannot visit Shanghai without trying these. People eat them with broth. But unlike ‘soup dumplings,’ they’re served not in a liquid, but while being hot in the bamboo baskets, the same in which they were steamed.

Where can you find Xiǎolóngbāo dumplings? Head to Jia Jia Tang Bao or Din Tai Fung to feel the authentic taste of the dish.

Samoosas in Johannesburg, South Africa
Samoosas is a smaller South African variant of the samosas from India (those are fried triangles of pastry filled with mince or vegetables). Over the years, the recipe embraced the preferences of the residents of this region and created its unusual combinations of ingredients and spices. There’s a great variety of fillings. Basically, anything can go into samosas. Also, they can be salty or sweet.

Taste the best samosas in World of Samoosas where you will find more than ten different recipes of them.

Feijoada in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Feijoada is a stew of black beans with meat. Brazilians cook it with a number of salted pork or beef products and two or more kinds of smoked sausage and jerked beef.

It’s traditionally served at the weekend, and people enjoy it throughout the day and don’t eat in a rush. Usually, the whole big family gathers to share a pot of feijoada during some event.

Visit Bar do Momo on Friday or Saturday lunchtimes to taste the best feijoada in town!

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