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A Look into the Rising Corporate Events Industry

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Any event paid for by an organization for the benefit of its employees or customers can be considered a corporate event. Many such events are held to thank employees, show appreciation for the customers’ constant business, and showcase new products. Corporate events may cost organizations some serious money, but if they can get results, they should be worth considering.

If you want a great event, you shouldn’t risk planning one while attending to the other aspects of your business. In the months leading up to the event, you’d have to throw everything into making sure every detail is perfect to ensure a smooth-flowing event later. That’s why it pays to hire an expert corporate event planner.
With more emphasis on engaging employees as the number one asset of an organization and carefully shaping one’s brand, considering the noise all the other competing brands may also be making in both traditional media and social media, corporate event planners are in demand more than ever.
Reasons to Hire Corporate Event Planners
Here are great benefits to retaining the services of an event planner:
     Following the set budget. Professional event planners have the expertise and tried and tested methods to keep everything under your budget. They also have well-established connections with venues and party suppliers who can give them preferred rates or even discounts.
    Stress-free event hosting. It is up to the planner to make sure everything runs smoothly and develop backup plans in case something goes wrong. It saves you from panicking over several ‘what if’ scenarios.
    Great attention to detail. You can confidently leave everything to the capable hands of your planner, who will take care not only of the major details but also the smallest ones, from using the right table cloth to making sure attendees who have allergies won’t be served food they’re not allowed to eat.
     Creativity. Whatever issue may crop up during the planning of the event, from the registration and venue selection to the entertainment and furnishing, your planner will have all the necessary creative solutions.
     More connections. Instead of sweating out the details over which catering service or what kinds of decoration should be used, your planner will take over everything after asking you about what you had in mind for the event.
How to Distinguish a Good Corporate Event Planner
You know you’ve found the best corporate event planner for you if they have the following qualities:
     Excellent people skills. Effective planners need people skills to comfortably deal with all kinds of people – from business executives and government officials to customers and suppliers.
   Organized. Multi-tasking prowess is a must-have for event planners and this will be best unleashed if a planner is organized and good at delegating simpler but time-consuming tasks to other people.
    Resourcefulness. No matter how much planning you do, something may go wrong during the planning process or the event itself. But if your planner is resourceful, they would have anticipated the possibilities and prepared for the issues in case.

    High attention to detail. Even something as minor as the font of the invitation cards used to the color of the table cloth may affect the whole feel of the event. That’s why good planners have to have great attention to detail.
     Passion. Corporate event planning is mostly hard work, sleepless nights, and stressful days until the day of the event. It also requires dealing with different personalities, which can be quite draining. But passionate planners will still push through despite the challenges they would face because seeing the outcome of the event can give them pleasure and satisfaction.
    Good communication skills. These skills are necessary if you want your planner to understand what you want and relay those preferences to the suppliers of your event and the rest of the team.

Typical Events Handled
Some of the most common types of corporate events that your organization might want to host include the following:
  Trade shows. These are important in establishing partnerships, generating leads, raising awareness about your products, and expanding your networks.
   Product launches. These are all about showcasing your new products and acquiring clients through extensive media exposure.
    Conferences. These aim to establish an avenue for exchanging ideas, finding solutions, and improving collective expertise with your peers in your industry.

   Appreciation events. These are often hosted to recognize your employees’ achievements or establish a stronger connection with your loyal customers. Examples are cruises, sports events, dinner, holiday parties, tickets to your town’s most popular events, and other private parties.

·   Incentive trips. These are perfect for rewarding or entertaining employees and polishing your organization’s good reputation.
   Teambuilding events. Their goal is to improve social ties among your employees.

  Company milestones. Their purpose is to celebrate anniversaries, grand openings, and other major achievements. Aside from employees, vendors, clients, and even members of the local community may be invited.

·    Board meetings. These are held for board members to review business performance and meet up with other executives to make major decisions.
  Charity events. These are important as part of your organization’s corporate social responsibility.

  Business dinners. These are also another way to celebrate organization milestones, welcome a new member to the team, and more.

Now, you know it is totally worth it to hire a corporate event planner’s help if you don’t want to be saddled with extra responsibilities and end up butchering an otherwise beneficial event.

“Most of our clients come to us for 3 things: they want to do away with the extra stress, they want to work with people who are smarter than them in terms of doing events, and they want our network. We definitely aren’t cheap, but with the caliber of work we put in, you — and over a hundred corporate clients will agree—that it’s worth it,” Karla Singson, Owner and Events and PR Lead of PREP (PR, Events and Promotions), shares.

Just make sure to find a topnotch planner like PREP and you can let them take the reins while you focus on running your business.

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