Friday, December 29, 2017

Mistaken Identity: Innocents Killed by Misinformed Cops

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At least two people were killed and two more are in critical condition after police mistakenly opened fire at a vehicle that was transporting an injured woman to the hospital.

Mandaluyong City Police chief S/Supt. Moises Villaceran revealed the white van, which police shot at because they were told was carrying suspects from a prior shooting, was actually carrying the victim.

The woman was shot in an earlier incident by unknown assailants. Good samaritans came to her rescue and carried her into a vehicle to be taken to the hospital. Police opened fire at the vehicle after barangay watchmen claimed that it was the getaway vehicle of the woman's assailants.

Investigators say the police officers opened fire more than 40 times at the vehicle carrying the seven unarmed civilians. One of the men died on the spot, the woman who was previously injured died after being rushed to the hospital, two more are in critical condition, and the rest have been taken into police custody. Most of the victims were construction workers.

"According to report on GMA 7 morning news program "Unang Balita", victim Jonalyn Ambaan was attempting to intervene in an argument when she was shot and injured by an LPG delivery man in Barangay Addition Hills at 10:20 p.m.

Companions put Ambaan in a vehicle and attempted to rush the shooting victim to hospital.

However, barangay watchmen mistakenly thought that the suspect who shot Ambaan was in the vehicle and was attempting to get away.

Some of the watchmen were allegedly armed and they shot at the vehicle.

Responding police officers, having been told by the watchmen that the vehicle carried an armed suspect, and seeing that the watchmen themselves had opened fire, started shooting."

The Philippines has turned into a wild west cowboy country. The culture of violence is brought to us by the Duterte administration. The policemen are now among the criminals.

You just do not open fire on anybody without confirming their identity first. The 40 shots means intent to murder and not to apprehend or disable.

Dangerous times because of police force that is ill-trained and trigger happy, with no respect to human rights and the process of the rule of law.

And they say the streets are safer. I hope justice is served, it can’t be an “oops sorry” situation where NOBODY is going to be found at fault.

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