Saturday, July 1, 2017

Karma Works and We Have Real Life Experiences to Prove It

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Do you remember the lady who ranted against me for accusations she couldn't even prove with any evidence? While I posted several e-mail and SMS screenshots showing my conversations with those involved to prove my innocence, the only thing she could do was to further rant and call for other online misfits to join the bully bandwagon.

She now bids goodbye to the agency she worked for, as seen from a screenshot of her Facebook post that a PR and fellow blogger sent me. This is most probably the result of her squabble with another member of the media connected with a reputable print publication.

The lifestyle editor from Philippine Star was not afraid to expose this PR on social media which also led to the revelation of this PR's moonlighting activities that were obviously a conflict of interest to her current job. Who knows who else was a victim of her terrible PR - something she does not know the true meaning of.

During this highly emotional social media rant, none of the bloggers who allies with the PR Director posted anything on her defense. How could anyone defend her when they all know she really deserves some spanking. All we saw was a plea for both of them to reconcile. They may have sent PMs or private messages to the PhilStar editor, but that is in contrary to their usual public display of aggression. Now that a member of the media complained, none of them had the courage to speak out in public.

As they say, karma eventually hits hard those who unfairly judge or treat others without getting the other side of the story. We should all be getting our unbiased facts from even the accused. We should consider this as a learning opportunity for all of us who are too trigger-happy. We should always look out for the guy whom we're pointing a gun to. He may not deserve to have a bullet in his head.

She may have bad-mouthed me to several other bloggers, media and colleagues in the PR and Events Management industry where some of which sided because of friendship, and the lingering "sip-sip" attitude to gain more access to her events. Still, I believe the truth would always come out. There are a lot of smarter, and cunning, individuals out there that cannot be fooled easily. Less she knows, those she thought sided with her are actually reporting to me about her secretly.

Unknown to the PR and blogger who sent me this screenshot, I already heard news several weeks ago that she was sacked already from the agency she was working for. Her social media post merely confirms it. But like most of us, she would never admit to the termination or forced resignation.

Not too many of us are brave enough to submit ourselves to the reality that we do fail and accepting it is the best way to move on to a better future.

Now if only Manila Bulletin would also listen to our complaint about a so called tech columnist who was covering an event as their representative but was actually doing something else. He could not be expected to have done a great coverage if he was busy posting about somebody else on his social media account during the event itself. His superiors have been passing the call for necessary disciplinary action back and forth to other departments without giving any updates of the status. Apparently, he was nothing more but a contributor and not really part of the employee roster of Manila Bulletin.

Not to discount the value of contributors, we do owe the media outfit we are representing some integrity to go beyond our personal grudges. Unless we are representing our own media outfit, we do not have the right to use the time of coverage for our personal interests.

We should spend our time more productively and not to bash others simply because we find ourselves better than they are. Now that it turned out that he is only a contributor of the print publication, his ego should be toned down to suit his designation.

May we all learn from our mistakes, for we believe that life has a way to balance everything in its proper place. It is never too late to change and apologize if we did harm to others. 

When others would ridicule me by saying bloggers are not really media, or even question the legitimacy of myself as a blogger, somebody else stepped in to invite me for a radio show. Now that sort of silenced my detractors, or probably just made them hesitate to criticize anymore since the radio show given to me even bear my blog's name, and the producer gave me full control of what to do.

The blogging and media world should not me defined by how many events you were invited to attend or cover. It should not be defined based on how many brands or organizations have partnered with you. It should also not be defined on how many articles you've published on a daily basis, or even the number of views you get.

This is because the opportunities could come from many various sources that could be greatly influenced by the people we know, the resourcefulness of certain PRs or event organizers, or just by being at the right place at the right time. We are all in this field of work because the opportunities given conspired to put us where we are right now.

From an Engineering graduate and work experiences as an ICT professional, I never thought I would end up as a blogger or media practitioner. But somehow deep inside I know it made perfect sense because there is this longing to straighten up this crooked world filled with absurdities brought about by personal interests.

I am not saying I am without any fault, but I do know I do my very best to fill up what I lack, and heighten up my shortcomings.

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  1. Honestly, this post has good points as well as lesson to impart. Like you, I've been tormented by bullies and bashers online and funny how people can troll along, ride the wave of hate for the sake of showing how 'sip-sip' and 'righteous" they are. What's amazing is that in spite of the bashing and bullying which were clearly meant to destroy me and humiliate me I remain true to myself that no one can question my character. In the end, what did they gain- unless they have demented versions of reality and themselves. Too sad that some people are like these and too good that there are strong people like you (and me) who would not falter in spite of the collaborated efforts to malign you. I would never wish karma on anyone not even to those who maligned me. I would never be happy of the misfortunes of others but what I hope to come out of these messy situations is the realization that one can change for the better by accepting their own mistakes and eventually by saying a sincere apology to those they offended. Life is too short to spend on hating people and in being bitter. Am I right? So kudos to you and more power! WaazUp Pilipinas!!!!!

    1. Your words are music to my ears. Let's keep courageously open and true to what we believe in. We will positively thrive in even their negativity :)


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