Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Class Recess: Diversion, You Die in this Version

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Every year new versions of things come around. Gadgets, cars, clothes, even relationships aren’t safe from the inevitable; sooner or later everything upgrades. Good thing though, some upgrades are not total overhauls of the things we know and love. An example of this is a party staple in Los Baños: Class Recess.

For ten incredible parties, the UPLB DeMolay Club and the International Order of DeMolay Mt. Makiling Chapter has quenched the thirst of ‘Elbi’ people for some old school “walwalan” with CLASS RECESS. This year, we will try to up the ante by giving you a new version of the classic party this April 20, 2017 with CLASS RECESS: DIVERSION, You Die in this Version.

By “die” we mean the figurative death you’ll experience from having too much fun (we promise there will be no deaths in this party). And since we are talking about “death” here are 7 ways party-goers can die in this version with CLASS RECESS: DIVERSION.


Can you imagine a party without booze? How will you dance like no one’s watching? How will you have the courage to talk to strangers? How will you vomit and then slip on that vomit, get up, continue dancing with vomit on your face, vomit again because of the smell of your own vomit and then say “WOOOOO!” like nothing ever happened? Parties would not be as fun without alcohol. Thankfully, CLASS RECESS has partnered with TANDUAY and SMIRNOFF MULE to give you that all important party juice.


Ever had a problem remaining hyped and energetic when the apex of the party hits (12-2am)? Maybe you had an exam in the morning, you didn’t get enough rest, hell week got you beat. Whatever the reason, CLASS RECESS can provide you with the energy you need with REDBULL and KRATOS so you won’t get sleepy when you’re trying to party.

Everybody loves dancing… in the dark. No one will judge you, you can move to your heart’s desire, plus dancing actually releases endorphins to which makes you feel happier and relieves you of stress (you know you want to be relieved of stress). In CLASS RECESS you can dance to your heart’s desire with music from up and coming DJ, DJ PAGULAYAN.


Games are a party staple in Elbi parties. From games that test your vices to games that are really just an excuse to flirt and consensually touch your crush, Elbi parties aren’t parties without games. Continuing this tradition, CLASS RECESS has got incredible surprise prizes (I guess you can call them “surprizes”) for the brave, fun-seeking souls that will participate in the games.


So imagine this: 2 days before CLASS RECESS: Diversion you asked your crush if she’s going to go and she said yes. Day of the party you were actively looking for her, “This may be it.” You said. “This may be the day where I finally tell him/her what I feel and maybe something will happen.” So, hopped up on REDBULL or KRATOS combined with the liquid fortitude provided by TANDUAY or SMIRNOFF MULE, you approached your crush. Smile on your face, love in your hypothalamus, strobe lights flashing, heart beat matching the beat of the song that’s playing, you take one last look at him/her before you say-- aaaaaand she’s making out with another person. Sakit, besh.

This is actually a common scenario in parties everywhere so to help out with the landi struggle, CLASS RECESS has color coded glowsticks to symbolize your status. Green for single, red for taken, yellow for complicated, and a few more colors you’ll just have to discover.


Summer heat is incredibly stressful. Everyone wants to at cool themselves down in the summer time. Why do you think air conditioner purchases go through the roof every summer? CLASS RECESS recognized the need for a cooling activity so this year’s party will be a pool party located at Villa Tolosa Resort (Park Merced), Lalakay , Los Baños, Laguna!


All these reasons to go, have fun, get hyped, dance, get drunk, and celebrate the newest version of this classic party. Just reading about it probably has you excited and raring to go to VILLA TOLOSA RESORT on APRIL 20. So bring your friends and get ready to “die” in this version. This is CLASS RECESS: Diversion!

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