Friday, March 17, 2017

That "Gay Moment" Backlash Over Live-Action "Beauty and the Beast" Movie

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"I was innocent and certain. Now I'm wiser but unsure." – Belle 

My wife and I went to the Beauty and The Beast live action movie premiere dressed as Belle and the Beast.

I'm still a bit pressed for the director obviously didn't watch the original Disney classic...or was it intentional for him to reboot some portions of this classic animated movie?

I just realized the kiddos watching this new Beauty and the Beast version will now know Emma Watson as Belle, and not Hermione Granger of Harry Potter anymore.

But the real story is that the rumors are true - a character is gay. Dozens of children left weeping. Several puked blood. Lol!

This "tale as old as time" movie which originated from an animated movie classic still opened in several Southeast Asian countries amid controversies surrounding a gay character in the film--the first in Disney's history.

The only right way to respond to this whole Beauty and The Beast situation in Malaysia is "WHAT THE FUCK?!"

Is the movie ostracizing 95% of faith-driven consumers by pushing LGBT propaganda in a children's movie?

For those who don't know, Malaysia is not showing this movie because they think people will turn gay. Well, I watched Lion King, so now I'm a lion, of course. But why are people more offended by a gay person than a woman falling in love with a buffalo? On the other hand, does seeing inter-species couples on the screen make your kids fall in love, or fuck, with a buffalo?

Seriously, It was mentioned before that Disney refuses to edit the gay content from the movie. At that point, if Be Our Guest wasn't a full-on orgy, many girlish boys was gonna be pissed. Now that we've seen the movie, we are in between cringing and worrying about the future of children's stories. Disney just decided to pull it out, instead of cutting the 4.5 minute scene. Disney isn't budging, even if it means the movie will be banned in some places.

The Beauty and the Beast movie has openly gay characters. Is having a homosexual character bad for the movie? But would you really request it to be banned just because of 4 minutes of "gay" scenes? So undoubtedly people will want to turn gay because of Le Fou (which by the way means The Fool in French). Just like people have wanted to rape, kill, grow claws, shoot spider webs, tear down buildings from watching movies. Is your faith so weak, that for 4 minutes of gayness will make you gay as well?

Was the gay scene necessary? In Twitter, I needed more than 140 characters to vent my frustration on those of you blaming Malaysia over the whole Beauty and the Beast fiasco. The homophobes boycotting Disney's Beauty and the Beast won't be happy with the way Scar is portrayed in the Lion King live-action remake.

Is it our problem if we're too sensitive towards it? Do we stop being petty and let filmmakers make their films however they want? Just because a lot of people agree with something does not make it right. I think we can agree that a dancing scene between 2 guys is not gonna change anyone's life at all. Why make it a big deal? In this case, it's about differing views.

It may not change lives but sometimes mainstream values need to be considered. But should Malaysian mainstream values of censorship of free speech and of differing values and religious indoctrination be considered? Why is it a 'sensitive' and 'touchy' issue? What problems may rise from screening elements of that nature in public?

This is no Indie film where the production or director can be rudely experimental. Is the portrayal of LGBT activities in moviesagainst the LPF (Malaysia's film censorship board) guidelines.

Is it because LGBTs are generally still not the norm for our society? Do you think scenes with gay people should be "snipped" out of film? Many would beg to differ! It isn't a sensitivity issue.... It is homophobic. Homophobia is hatred towards LGBT oriented peeps.

I believe all the proposed revisions are understandable as some people just want to make the film grounded. But don't worry, everything else is still magical.

It was such a small scene, but are we forgetting that it's supposed to be a movie for kids. Yes, adults can watch it anytime, but do we really need to expose children to this at an early age? Well, there's already openly gay kid at the teleserye Ang Probinsiyano.

"Cheer up, child. It'll turn out all right in the end. You'll see." – Mrs.Potts

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