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What People Say About Mocha Uson as Philippine Star Columnist

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"Starting on Tuesday, Nov. 8, The Philippine STAR will welcome Mocha as a columnist, not in the Entertainment Section but in the Op-Ed Section. Her title will be called Hotspot and that sums up what “hot” items you can expect from Mocha every Tuesday." - Philippine Star
Regina Belmonte, the daughter of Philippine Star President Miguel Belmonte expressed her dismay over Mocha Uson's commentary space on their newspaper.

"THE STAR WAS FOUNDED WITH ‘TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL’ UNDER ITS MASTHEAD. TO HAVE MOCHA USON PEDDLING LIES IN IT IS A DISGRACE TO MY LOLA’S MEMORY,” Belmonte said in a separate tweet, referring to Philippine Star founder Betty Go-Belmonte.

“There’s nothing more I can do than to express my displeasure, which I’ve done here and in private. I can’t change anything on my own..." Belmonte said.

While many are arguing about Mocha's commentary space offer, few realized that above and over, this is "business." Philippine star's probable reason why Mocha got a column space was due to her popularity.

Mocha doesn't need the Philippine Star. The Philippine Star needs her.

Let's talk about the "truth," and the "truth" is Philippine Star columnists, writers, reporters and editors have, at one time or another, been equally guilty of defying the motto, "truth shall prevail." Unless she's been hiding in a hole deep and far enough to shield her from reality, she should not be in denial of the crap so many of that newspaper's staff and columnists have been spewing out over the years. But when we talk about violating the truth, we should also talk about sins of omission, because these are just as damaging. And when I speak of BS artists, I'm not just talking about hard news people but fluffy, social-climbing and mundane types. In a way, they're even worse.

But can this woman really write a 500-word article all by herself ? I don't think so. I've read her blog before and many are one-liners and the most are maybe a paragraph long! Then suddenly, when her blog became famous, she was able to write longer articles and I said to myself, it's no longer her writing. It comes from someone, maybe from Pete Lavina's office. I will bet my life if in front of us all if she can write a 400-500 word article in any subject matter without outside help!

Column space is precious and should be awarded to someone whom we can learn much! Writing a column is not a joke! Or is it?

Philippine star is making us laugh. They gave this woman a space in their paper and worst under Op Ed section. How can Mocha be the credible channel of balanced opinion when she is bloody partisan and obviously an attack dog of the Duterte admin? Did PhilStar realize that in the first place? Are they expecting Mocha to behave like a brilliant political analyst overnight? Of course she wouldn't and will continue to furnish us with misleading information favoring the current administration, making PhilStar the vehicle of lies and exaggeration from Mocha's totally misaligned logic. Funny.

But this is not the first time that a sexy star became a journalist. A men's magazine had the likes of Abby Poblador write naughty stories. When a (NVM) who knows nothing about journalism was given an opportunity than those who are ahmm.. (deserving) than this.

Most of Mocha's followers are perverted men who need a strip show for satisfaction because they can't find a decent woman to honor and appreciate. Without these Eggheaded followers, she is nothing.

Betty Go and Max Soliven must be rolling in their graves such an insult to their integrity as a columnist and Opinion writer as well as the founder of Philippine Star.

I wonder if Mocha knows of the fact that the late Betty Go-Belmonte was a dear friend of the mother of all "dilawans", Pres. Corazon Aquino.

God knows if she's worthy or not. The reality is, her hiring is not anyone's concern but Philippine Star's and Mocha. It was a legitimate hire, since the offer was made and accepted and so there it is.

She's a CALUMNIST not a columnist. (Look up calumny in the dictionary). If you all are so disgusted as l am, just stop buying PhilStar. You save money and you keep your sanity intact.

End of story.

"Asahan niyo po mga kaDDS patuloy ko po ilalabas ang hinaing nating mga ordinaryong Pilipino. Pumayag po ako magkaroon ng regular column sa Op-Ed Section ng Philippine Star provided pwede ko po sabihin ang kahit ano kahit sino pa ang tamaan. Ito po ay walang bayad upang wala po akong boss na sinusunod kung hindi kayong mga kaDDS lamang. Abangan po ang aking column every Tuesday simula Nov 8." - Mocha Uson

*Credits to all the people on social media who made the statements above

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