Thursday, September 1, 2016

Where is the Justice in the Drug War?

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These are your sentiments - posts were taken all over social media and combined to make a statement against the #WarOnDrugs

President Rodrigo Duterte's sincerity in his drug war is in question here. He admits he does not have the funds for drug rehab programs but increases the Office of the President annual budget from 2B to 20B.

He even has the budget to commission dolls and mascots that only intends to make him, and his PBP Chief Bato, all cuddly and cute. Instead, the Philippines became a laughing stock in the yes of the world.

“Where will this lead us? Where do I get the billions (of pesos)? My budget is only this much… that’s why in the meantime you have them killed,” Mr. Duterte said in a mix of English and Filipino.

“Son of a b*tch, I will really kill you. Let’s be frank here. We will really end up killing each other here,” he went on. “I cannot simply define justice that is fair to all. Life is never fair.”

Senator Allan Peter Cayetano, Duterte's running mate who lost the Vice Presidency to Robredo, earlier lambasted two known critics of the government’s anti-drug campaign for “discrediting” the Philippines before the international community by insinuating that extrajudicial killings were rampant in the country.

He either does not know the constitution and human rights or thinks that these are just like any other laws that can be argued aside. This shows a very low moral fiber. It is also foolish to take a hit for the president.

While Duterte is very arrogant in saying Obama should be listening to him instead of the other way around. I suppose Duterte has this super wisdom on human rights that Obama needs to listen to.

The mere fact that Duterte doesn't have a rehab plan makes him invalid to even utter a word.

To all the people who think only pushers die in the war on drugs, tell me who you think a five year old girl that they are PUTTING IN THE GROUND was dealing to.

Collateral damage? Maybe, but this war in drugs doesn't give anyone the excuse to end lives without the due process of law. We are better than barbarians, otherwise we have gone down to the level of animals who kill and prey on the weak.

Senator Laila De Lima has called upon the nation to open their eyes and speak out the truth to what they see. Duterte's attack on her personal (love) life creates an impression that the President is nowhere near decent. If he has strong evidence against De Lima, he should be filing a case against her and not ruining her reputation by public shaming.

The PDEA and NBI has denied participation in the preparation of Duterte's drug list, and probably even the so called matrix, which only shows how unreliable or prone to errors it is unless the list was created by somebody inside and personally involved within the illegal drug trade.  If the list were not vetted, then it should not have been made public. This is one of the highlight of the Drug war. Poor strategy with life and death consequences.

Now, Bishop Bacani has issued a statement saying this war on drugs is worst than martial law. Is this (drug menace) not a mirror reflection of their failed pastoral duties? The unprecedented moral corruption of the country can be traced to the fact that they failed, at the least, to moralize their pastoral members. Though morality is not exclusive to Christian faith yet it is the most visible characteristic of true disciples of Christ. The bishop again is meddling in the affairs of the state when the latter is simply sweeping the dirt their ministry has kept under the rug.

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