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Pak Ganern?: Cringe When People Justify Extrajudicial Killings

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"According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, some 660 drug suspects have been killed to date: 436 in police operations and 224 by unidentified assailants. On the rising death toll, President Duterte, said Thursday, “I do not care. I really don’t care.” But on Friday evening, the President acknowledged the abuses in the battle against illegal drugs – for the very first time - fueling speculations he was high on drugs." - The Professional Heckler

I agree with Richard Branson when he said “Fighting fire with fire won’t work. The Philippines must reverse course immediately and choose evidence-based policies that put people first, reduce harm and put an end to these atrocities.” We should rehabilitate and not kill those drug users. Even those pushers deserve an opportunity to change their ways. The real culprits here are the ones manufacturing the drugs. However, our authorities are only keen of "cleansing" the country of the small time offenders, yet give the big time masterminds a chance to get away (by all means).

Those shoot-to-kill orders could only come from a madman. Only madmen would believe it is a must to kill their fellow human beings. Never give up on humanity because you are one of them.

My issue with what has been going on is the need to "rehabilitate" rather than kill. It is inhuman for a leader to give orders of shoot to kill for drug-related offenders when they could be incapacitated, caught, and interrogated instead to find out the real masterminds.

With regards to what I have accomplished for the country, I have been reporting anomalies within the government for several years already which led to some removal of personnel and closure of offices. However, there are still so many corrupt government officials out there protected by immunity and influential personalities. 

I understand that the law itself is most of the time becoming the hindrance to find justice. But we should not become criminals ourselves by breaking our own laws. This nightmarish world is for the uncivilized. It's barbaric and inhuman. The poor people that were killed were merely victims of bigger syndicates that are kept safe by the same vigilantism that masquerades as law enforcers.

What is absurd is that Duterte gives the big time criminals opportunities to flee or legally fight back by announcing their identities at press conferences, while the poor are without any warning decimated by the authorities.

So shocking that there are even hints given before the actual day of announcement.

Don't you find it baffling that the affluent accused are given the spotlight in the news while still alive, and even interviewed by media, while the poor ends up dead with so many bullet wounds?

Wake up before it's too late! 

How could you respect, or even side with, a leader who only believes in himself as the rightful authority? How could "professionals" vote for a leader who is very "unprofessional" in his ways?

His arrogant and brutal ways are similar to that of uneducated witch hunters who are only concerned of eradicating rather than rehabilitating. They would rather do it the easy way of killing instead of finding the truth behind what they don't understand.

Do you even believe these drug users fought back against the authorities?

This President won merely by popularity as all previous leaders in every election. You should know that those who win in the elections does not necessarily mean they are the most qualified.

Posting something like this will definitely help so that the people would know that the "change that came" is evil. This is what better Filipino citizens should do. Never stop criticizing if mistakes are seen!

If you want murder on the streets, so be it. Let us, who want real cleansing, to freely shout out our thoughts. Never dictate what we should say, what we should think, how we should act, and what we should believe in. Everyone has the right to express themselves.
"Whenever you feel stupid, remember there were 16 million people who voted for Duterte as President. Pat yourself in the back if you were not one of them, but slap yourself in the face real hard if you were."

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