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Mark Carpio Launches His Very First Album Entitled Hiling

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After 11 years of wishing for this big day to finally come true, Mark Carpio now celebrates his 29th birthday via another celebration through the launch of his very first album entitled 'Hiling' making it it a bigger celebration.

Families, relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, celebrity or not, all took the opportunity to congratulate the birthday celebrator for the launch of his Hilig album,  composed of 8 tracks all written and composed by him.

During a video interview, Mark shares that this creation is totally intimate and personal for him. It is a product of two months labor of love, but some of his songs were actually initiated even before he finally at down to focus and finish the album project. 

His brother said it was a dream come true for Mark, and upon finding out that all three brothers all sing, I knew then that music does run within his family I am just not sure where the three brothers, Jeffret, Marka nd Jerome inherited their singing prowess - from mother or father? I should have interviewed the parents but I wouldn't want to take them away from watching their son perform during the album launch night.

With his father involved in the real estate business with Grand Monaco, and also taking part of the management of the family business, I am surprised he still finds time to work on his music career. I can sense the passion within him as the last time we met a few months ago, he was just the front act of a music group who highlighted a certain event that I attended. Now he has his own album, and I can't stop feeling proud for the guy as his songs were truly amazing indeed.

Interview with Mark Carpio during the Hiling album launch cum birthday celebration

The night was filled with songs from Mark and his band, as well as from his brothers. You will be amazed seeing them perform and listening to their vocal prowess. The music from what they call the former band of Mark, who used to be a little more rebellious music during his younger years, but now Mark is more on singing intimate or 'hugot' songs that touches the heart more. Maybe because he is in constant search for the love of his life? 

Mark says his songs represent the stages of love, from the slow songs to the faster ones, the lyrics and melodies are too close and personal for him. As what I heard from the testimonials coming from Mark and from his family and close friends, Mark is very passionate with his singing career that there was a time he almost did not want to work at their family business or skip classes during his school days.

Congratulations again Mark and thank you for the complimentary copy of your album. Thank you also for inviting me to be a part of the launch and the celebration of this very memorable time in your life. You are definitely loved and hopefully this 'Hiling' album of yours is just the start of your continued success.

Watch out for our video coverage of all the performances during the launch at our YouTube Channel soon at

The performance includes not only all eight songs of Mark from the Hiling album, but also the performances from his brothers who all sing equally well.

Below is the official press release of the Mark Carpio Hiling album launch:

Mark Carpio, a familiar and well-known name that you may have heard from a different industry - real estate, is now venturing into the music industry with his debut album entitled “Hiling”. Mark is not only gifted as an entrepreneur but is also a skilled musician and composer.

“I’ve been in love with music ever since I was a kid and during my free time, I have been listening to music, writing and singing which is where I practiced my skills” says Mark who had started writing as early as 12 years old for his friends who may have had some girl trouble. Even if his writing back then wasn’t as good, he had discovered that time that he did have the skills to write and compose so he learned more through joining a band named “5th Legacy” when he was 14. After that, he joined the band “Midj” during his college days. Thanks to these band’s activities, Mark had found the time to develop his skills of writing music based on his own experiences and the experiences of other people.

So how does Mark Carpio, a successful entrepreneur in the real estate realm manage to find time for his love for music? There was a time that he did take a pause on his music pursuit to first learn the ropes of business, the discipline of an entrepreneur and learn from his dad’s mentoring on how to train and manage people. Nowadays, he can easily and efficiently delegate tasks and finish the jobs so that he can perform or work on his songs after work. He admits that this venture into the music scene also had him sacrifice his personal concerns like relationships or night outs with friends or colleagues to really focus on writing and developing his album and songs. “I’ve waited for this opportunity for 17 years so the sacrificed given now will all be worth it because this is something I really wanted to do” says Mark.

About his album, Mark had planned out what was going to be included in the album, as if mapping out different stages of love and relationships through songs, as agreed with his debut album’s producer - Jonathan Ong.

About his debut single “Kay Tagal”, the song is about himself, not particularly referring to anyone but it is a song that speaks about waiting for the right one and what he wanted to say once he did find the one.

His debut single “Kay Tagal” has been featured as the theme song of the Philippine broadcast of the Korean TV Series “You’re The Best” airing on GMA-7 everyday 10AM, morning primetime. The song is also part of the new Aldub Movie, “Imagine You & Me”



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