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Videos: Interviews with ArtBGC Mural Festival 2016 Artists

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It was another art attack in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) as Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. (BAFI), LeBasse Projects and Honeycomb Communities, celebrates ArtBGC Mural Festival 2016, a 10-day mural festival featuring international and local artists to turn BGC's walls into public works of art.

Now on its sophomore run, ArtBGC promised to showcase more vibrant new murals and programs to make art and culture more accessible to BGCitizens.

They allowed us to have a one-on-one interview with the artists on different scheduled dates at their partner restaurants down at Burgos Eats by the Max's Group of restaurants (Yellow Cab, Teriyaki Boy and Pancake House) located at the Burgos Circle.

I had the interview opportunities with Andrew Schoultz, Nate Frizzell, Bunnie Reiss, and a Filipino artist who goes by the monicker of Trip63, and also with Anina Rubio, another Filipino who was assisting one of the main artists, Francisco Diaz.

All of the works of the artists were all stunning and visually delightful. It is true that they make the blank and plain looking firewalls of the BGC buildings really look a lot more interesting. It also gives people something to talk about as they all make their own interpretation of the meanings of each artwork. From big murals designed by artists like Andrew Schoultz, to smaller versions created by artists like Nate Frizzell, each one made these areas of BGC truly hotspots of masterpieces.

The video interviews are down below so please do watch them and learn more about these artists. I'm so sorry if I was not able to interview every artist that took part in these amazing project but I'm sure glad I was able to be somehow a part of the selected media who are now helping share their precious contributions to society.

Mural by Francisco Diaz
Mural by Kris Abrigo
Yes! Artworks give life by evoking from us our own feelings out of the meanings we derive from their creations. Each artwork may be defined by our own perspective which is why it is the most engaging way to get a hold of our emotions especially when we take the time to pause from our busy schedules and look a little more closer to these marvelous images from the imagination.

The murals above are not yet done so I would have to spend time taking photos of the completed ones as soon as I find the time to go around for a treasure hunt in BGC.  I will simply need to follow teh map the organizers provided.

Below are my interviews with the SrtBGC Mural Festival 2016 artists:

Here are the works of the ArtBGC Mural Festival 2016 artists explained:

"Calamansi and Sampaguita” by Francisco Diaz 

Based on ancient local traditions, these plants have a native symbolism that switched during the last times. Since 1565, Philippines has been invaded by different countries and regions, being always in a large social and political transition trying to preserve the native spirit. Calamansi is a plant used during filipino´s funerals as way of purify the body, while the Sampaguita (national flower) use to represent humility and reverence, actually is the flower that young kids use to sell on the streets just to survive.

"Charlotte" by Nate Frizzell

In 2015, @natepaints created a series of murals depicting realistic children and their spray paint creations. A bear, a tiger, and a flock of birds, these murals turned out to be some of the city's most photographed and popular pieces. This year, Nate returned for‪ #‎ArtBGC‬ and added to the series.

Owl by Bunnie Reiss

The second of two Bunnie Reiss murals at ‪#‎artbgc‬ is an owl guarding over the B1 parking lot. @bunnieluvrocks' style is heavily influenced by her Eastern European heritage.

"Let's Roll" by Dog & Pony

Dog & Pony’s 2016 mural for ArtBGC is located on the back wall of Bonifacio Stopover, overlooking the Shell gas station and facing 32nd Street. Dog and Pony is an international artist collective specializing in public art. The collective is inspired by society and its relationship within the urban landscape. Dog and Pony strives to create work that helps reconnect community engagement.

"The Heart Of God's Country" by Andrew Schoultz

This wall stands over 85 ft high and it the largest wall that @aschoultz has ever painted. See it on the W Fifth building, overlooking 5th Ave and 32nd. It's one of the city's busiest intersections.

"NOVELS" by HotxTea

New work by @hotxtea along Bonifacio High Street. It's a interactive yarn installation that dances in the wind.

Flowers with Eyes by Trip63

Everyone would want to do a selfie here!

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