Tuesday, April 12, 2016

High-Tech Teaching in a Low-Tech Classroom

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As the “modern teacher”, you are always expected to assist your students understand and master various technological tools that they can use in universities and college and workplaces. Custom writers website (for example can also help you in understanding issues concerning low tech classrooms. However in most parts of the country, the one-computer classroom is still in existence. Thus the question arises on how we are expected to achieve a lot with a little. How can we use limited resources in supporting learning and also familiarizing our students with the ever-developing technology?

There are some tips that you need to consider:

1) You might need more creative with the structure of the lessons so that the students have enough time to have productive interactions with the new tools.

2) As a teacher, you need to take advantage of any time yourstudents have ample access to a computer laboratory since there are multiple computers. Consider exploiting such opportunities so as to guide the students in understanding several tools. This investment will pay later if it is consistent.

3) It is important to relieve yourself of the pressure of understanding all the sides of every tool. Instead, employ strategies that will empower students such as challenging them of becoming experts who can teach one another on various ways of using the new programs.

The following are some of the methods to organize limited technology resources that can support students.

"Pass it On" Buddy Method

Students help each other in developing digital products that reflect their new learning. This is a better way of spreading technological skills especially in a one-computer classroom.

Group Consensus Method

Small groups of discussions usually help the students to engage in dialogues on various topics. Later a group member uses a digital tool in reporting the group’s consensus.

Rotating Scribe Method

Each day, a student uses digital technology in recording a lesson for other students.

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