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Harapan ng Bise: The Vice Presidential Candidates Debate of ABS-CBN

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"We are on the process of courtship,I hope we wouldn't FALL for SWEET WORDS."

We got to know some insights from our Vice Presidential candidates from ABS-CBN's "Harapan ng Bise at 5:30 pm, which is also shown simultaneously on ANC HD.

Present in the debate are Chiz Escudero, Antonio Trillanes, Leni Roredo and Allan Peter Cayetano. The four VP candidates that are participating in the debate today are the most competent. I hope I can narrow my choice soon.

The two candidates, Gringo Honasan and Bongbong Marcos, with unexplained wealth according to their SALN's are absent. I guess that explains a lot. It would have been a spicier debate if BBM is present! BBM says he is celebrating anniversary with wife instead.

Why do I find this debate boring! This is more of like an extemporaneous speaking thing. There's something missing .. Am I the only one feeling that way?

Shining shimmering stage set up. Ramp. Q&A. I'm not sure if this festive theme is fit for a political debate because the stuff these candidates tackle are serious. The space provided for this debate doesn't encourage political inquiry and intelligence rather festivity and dumbfounded praise. Whoever thought of this format must be scratching his/her head right now.

Seriously, who's the idiot who thought of using a Miss U-type fishbowl questioning in a political debate? Using the luck of the draw is such a weird method. What if the name of the candidate would never be called throughout the show?

Whoever screens the questions from netizens should be fired! What on Earth?! This is too early for the beauty pageant!

I am not sure if I'm watching a debate or a beauty pageant. The Binibining Pilipinas 2016 grand coronation night is still at 8 pm. This debate should end with a confetti and spectacular fireworks. I'm also waiting for a production number!

What makes this interesting is, there are no podiums and candidates are freely moving while they answer. Must be tough speaking in a debate with this format. Bawal ang may stage fright!

However, ABS-CBN should not be given the right to air political debates as they have already chosen a side. What's the purpose of this debate if the host network is yellow colored?

Who said having the debates outdoors was a good idea???? All the candidates looks haggard as hell! Venue wise as well, not very convenient at all. The wind is messing the audio. I find this format very unprofessional. If this is how the next Presidential debate will go, it'll be really disappointing.

Representatives of the VP bets were asked to draw lots to determine order of speaking.

For the opening statements... I'd go for Cayetano and Escudero... They spoke for what they represent and not just about them.

I love how Robredo goes in-depth on how to actually pursue her plans, and not just spits out empty promises. "The last man standing is a woman." Leni tries to imitate what other female heads of government do in male-dominated cabinets by exploiting a woman's charms. But I don't think the Philippines need another Cory Aquino in the form of Robredo. Though it's a "Best Endorsers" award for the Sumilao farmers march for her, if ever it was true! The embroidered logo on Leni's shirt caught my attention. Daang Matuwid, from yellow ribbon to yellow slippers.

We also saw Heart Evangelista cheering for her husband Chiz Escudero. But what an annoying voice you have Escudero. My ears are bleeding every time I hear you. He plans to radically expand government programs while lowering taxes. Huh? Best in declamation, worst in math.

Escudero and Robredo promise to destroy the Henry Sy legacy of contractualization. Contractualization is such a lonely word esp for media peeps.

Localization/regionalization of public education through decentralization of DepEd. Making education relevant, personal. Regionalization of educational system to boost rural development. This is an interesting new platform. - Now that I have to approve.

Robredo says she will work on not only 100% health coverage, but widen reach and include budget for medication assistance. One doctor per family. Now that would be so difficult to achieve.

Escudero's educational plans are impossible. How is the private sector going to agree with the study now pay later scheme? One billion per province for hospital improvement? Free tertiary education? Lower taxes? Free medical care for OFWs? Escudero promises so many free things but as Santiago said "where are we going to get all these money?"

To abandon the K to 12 is damn stupid, seriously. You just have to fund it better. We're not studying hard just to move backward forever. Stopping K to 12 is equal to disregarding ASEAN Integration. How do you keep world class education?

Trillanes is mentally afloat when it comes to Marcos' atrocities & plunder at #HarapanBise. Clearly status quoist & has no creative ideas!

I am quite disappointed with Cayetano's answers. Cayetano is trying to be tough and strong like his standard-bearer. Why end a statement as if you want to start a fight? Looks like it's becoming a Cayetano trademark to spew barbs on his fellow only to gain momentum. He's starting to sound trapo. Can everyone please build their selves up without degrading any other candidates. It's defeating the purpose of "pagkakaisa." If your achievements are really as plausible as you say they are, there'd be no need for you to compare yourself to others.

"I don't really care about image" says Cayetano. That's a very powerful phrase amidst the rampant pa-pogi'an system. Cayetano's way of debating, once again, is plainly bickering and name dropping. Pew pew pew. Cayetano is PNoy 3.0 with all these shots fired. Like, STFU dude.

When a candidate speaks, he/she's supposed to gain voters. But with Escudero's case, it's the other way around. I'd rather look at the interpreter in the corner of my screen. However, he may sound like a robot, but he has some sense.

I feel I have the moral responsibility to reiterate that we must learn from the mistake of yesterday, we can't cancel out the effect of history! Learn from the past. Never again.

Politicians are good in words. But I hope they're good in doing it as well. These words will be most effective towards gullible voters. The VP candidates came prepared to this debate and know what to say.

There's nothing more entertaining than seeing VP candidates roasting each other and pointing out each other's flaws. But can the vice presidentiables stop trying to be pious and just say what's really on their mind?

The current administration made things slightly better. But they definitely could've done more. Robredo's recognition that Daang Matuwid is not perfect and there are a lot of things to be done makes her the best VP candidate.

But how about Mar Roxas? Robredo is turning a blind eye to indiscretions during PNoy term. She cannot criticize PNoy and his incompetent cabinet directly. Would she be able to control the administration as the spare tire VP?

At least Robredo does a better job than Roxas in covering up for the botched platform that is Daang Matuwid. One of hers advocacies is the plight of farmers. She's ignoring the fact that PNoy government neglected farmers suffering from drought.

We don't need a perfect government. We just need a good leader to change this country. We need someone with political will to implement changes. Firm but still within politically acceptable limits.
We need someone diplomatic enough to gain respect and good relations with international community. Increase investments.

"If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?" Really with the superpower question?!? WTH? What superpower? The power to remove irrelevant questions in important debates. Escudero would probably say "The power to change the tone of my voice!

There will never be a perfect government. We all have flaws. That's the reality. We all know too well that the ties that bind are important and tricky in Philippine politics. Lest we forget.

Is this what will happen next week for the Presidential debate? Then I will be so scared, sad and disappointed. Questions are generic and answers are also generic. Nothing new. The format did not allow issues to be exhausted. Too many gimmicks tracing the silver lining between politics and showbiz.

Closing statements already? It was indeed the most disappointing out of all the debates... If we could even call it that. It ended without us getting any substantial and significant information from the VP candidates. This debate format wasn't conducive to clashes and substantial discussion of issues.

Overall, this VP debate is a ho-hum. My applause just goes to Dean Nicky, #HarapanBise Filipino Sign Language interpreter, who was an alumna of UP Eduk and now the Dean of CSB.

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