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PiliPinas Debates 2016 Part 2: Let Their Voices Be Heard

Wazzup Pilipinas!

And the winner in the 2nd Presidential PiliPinas Debates 2016 is...... Luchi Cruz-Valdez! 

This debate didn't help me figure out who I want to be President. What it did was help me figure out who I don't want to sit in the Malacanan Palace. The most important thing that Filipinos shall face right now is to assess the truth based from what they heard or seen - on and off camera? 
Seriously, I think what happened behind the scenes can tell us a lot about the candidates' characters. Which ones are sincere and true to their words, but able to act accordingly? Choosing is not easy. 

Something appealing, something appalling, it was a comedy because it was super hilarious. But definitely the remarks were superlatively serious yet extremely funny because it seems like fireworks exploded in this Cebu debate as the presidential bets tangle on and off camera.

Despite the delay caused by the Binay camp insisting on bringing in notes during the debate proper because the moderator told them they could, the 2nd #PiliPinasDebates2016 is still a big improvement from the first one done at GMA were the two moderators, especially Mr. Imbestigador, were more like a joke! 

There were lots of minutes wasted on personal attacks and accusations! The issues were very slightly answered! Honestly, they are starting to look like nuisance candidates. We would like to inform the esteemed Presidential candidates that the Philippines has much bigger problems than your egos.
Jejomar Binay:

Binay is like your s***** classmate being grilled by the honor students. Are you wondering who Goebbels is? Binay was referring to Joseph Goebbels, a German politician, propaganda minister, and a trusted friend of Adolph Hitler during World War 2. Goebbels is said to have quoted "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The shorter version is "A lie repeated a thousand times becomes a truth." We are entitled to buy "mamahalin." - That's a lot of bullshit!. The jump price from 16K to 1.5M.. YOU CALL THAT QUALITY?! Yun na ba tawag sa corruption ngayon? QUALITY?! Under the law, we are still presumed innocent until proven guilty, but don't use the law to cover our known corruption. 

Binay and Poe was in a verbal tussle a while ago on citizenship, and corruption. Poe hits Binay over corruption, Binay says Poe ashamed of being a Filipino. Binay once again uses his "documents" to negate Poe. Live audience calling out VP every time he looks at his notes. Binay insists his papers are not notes, but documents. 

If he refuses to follow simple rules, what more the ones that (can) affect the entire country? Luchi Cruz-Valdez makes it clear that it is TV5 who told Binay that notes are allowed. She says they will abide by Comelec rules that there will be no notes. She asked Binay to take away all his documents as per COMELEC's instructions. I kinda want Duterte to snatch Binay's notes and tear them up on live TV. Binay is good at diverting the issue and an expert at stalling. He doesn't directly answer the questions.

Mar Roxas:

In fairness to Mar Roxas, he never stoop down to name-calling and tried to keep on topic. He did made a lot of sense really but I couldn't shake the feeling that he was so confident of himself.

Mar Roxas is grinning and holding his tongue as the others go toe to toe. The crowd jeers as Mar Roxas recalls being personally present at the typhoon Yolanda aftermath. Roxas highlighted his accomplishments during the Yolanda relief but Digong disagreed. Mar can say everything he wants to say about the rehab post-Yolanda but we all know that the rehabilitation failed. What happened to those rotten goods and funds donated by foreign countries? You even called that "Daang Matuwid?" Three years after Yolanda and it remains an issue. This says a lot. Sorry Mar, this is your fault.The boo-boo response will continue to haunt him.

Ano ba ang sinasabi niyang transition to clean energy? Aquino wants to build 25 new coal plants! Hello?! I bet all 3 of the presidential candidates are saying to Mar "iiyak Na Yan" during commercial breaks. Mar Roxas also says "We have to jail corrupt government officials" but I will stand with a government that truly wants to fight corruption (the PH's # 1 poison) and give quality public service.

Grace Poe:

Grace Poe has said "Ang napapansin ko kung di ka ka-alyado, may kaso ka. Kung ka-alyado, may proyekto ka." Hanggang ngayon nariyan pa rin ang corruption at sila ay nasa puwesto.Being a Filipino is not about the citizenship nor the passport. Its when you embrace the culture wholeheartedly.

However, Poe also gave us a glance of her leadership style when she tried to say that President Aquino does not trust Mar that is why PNoy personally attends to issues. She's probably going to be an absentee President especially in times of disaster and crisis. She also went "beast mode" regarding the FOI. Poe is a known ally of the administration though before she ran for President. She was even with the Liberal Party (LP) when she ran for Senator. 

Regarding the FOI, she said "Ang gusto ko, bersyon namin, importante po na mula sa baba hanggang sa taas may pananagutan sa ating bansa."

Rodrigo Duterte:

Rodrigo Duterte making us all laugh with his banters. Not that I'm voting for him (still undecided), but Duterte is kicking everyone's butt so far. I am not supporting anyone, but Duterte's willingness to stand up to abusive international institutions IS something.

Duterte says he has graft and corruption case, he will withdraw from presidency. We are a growing country. We need to industrialize, we need energy.

Rodrigo Duterte says climate change cannot be solved by just talking about it. You need somebody in Malacanang to just do all cost. Duterte is offering solutions to present problems , signing documents ,while the others are promising.

"Problem here sa Pilipinas - monopoly." says  Duterte who shows his feisty attitudes, but witty side.

The problem is 30% of the income tax goes to corruption. Corruption is the problem. If there is no corruption, we can do it. If there is no corruption, every year ang appropriations ay tamang-tama. I am insisting that if there is no corruption, it could bring good to the country. Kung walang corruption, straight implementation.

Duterte steps back to allow Binay and Poe to duke it out. Don't the candidates know that Ms. Poe was a champion debater during her Assumption High School days? From FOI bill to debate rules to corruption issues, Binay shifts talk to Poe's citizenship. Sen. Grace Poe is very firm. The definition of Grace under pressure.

Taas Kamay voting: 

No presidential candidate is in favor of the divorce bill. Only Binay and Duterte are in favor of having former President Ferdinand Marcos buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. For the death penalty, only Poe and Duterte are in favor of bring it back.
Mar is scoring major points on corruption because Binay is skirting the issue big time. But the way he reacted against the consensus of the majority showed how he would ALWAYS protect himself first. Mar doesn't want to be cut off but loves to cut off the other candidates. Seriously? Only the courts can say if we are guilty or not, not your accusations. Yes we need hospital beds that are worth 500k each. Because you know, quality! Binay never denied. He only questioned the process.

What was that cut away clip of someone being restrained? Bayaw in the background being stopped by security though. Lightening up the mood with some comedic relief.

TV5 Debate Format:

How do you like the format of TV5's #PiliPinasDebates2016? It's a real debate! It really felt like a US Presidential Debate! Both in substance and visuals (set design). I hope voters can see how idiotic the candidates are. But I do think this is the most awkward debate ever, translated as "Away bata!" 

Debate ba talaga ito or Face To Face? Stick to the issues, platforms, and programs! I think the debate would be more intense if Senator Miriam is present. If Miriam Defensor-Santiago is here right now, I can imagine how burned the other candidates will be! 

This is not the #PiliPinasDebates2016. It's the #Primaldebates2016! Behold our future leaders! Watch who reacts to pressure best, then do some more research, and then vote. The Presidential candidates are slamming each other here and there, that I am amused if this is really a debate or a fliptop battle?

Luchi Cruz-Valstress:

Goodbye Stress Drilon, it's now Luchi Cruz-Valstress! I admire Luchi Cruz-Valdes for her patience. Can we please congratulate Luchi on her self-control? I'm only watching and I already feel vaguely violent. Dealing with these presidential aspirants can make anyone go crazy. Luchi should be like, "Double my talent fee! I became a referee, bouncer, instructor, host, anchor, peacemaker, etc.," I just realized how difficult it is to be a kindergarten teacher thanks to this debate. Th next two debates should consider turning off the microphones once the timer runs out so there would be no more extensions. 

Sign Language Interpreter:

The interpreter should also get an award...a medal or a trophy of some sort. Heck, maybe even a statue in his honor. he deaf-mute interpreter not able to keep up and now just doing the "slashing-my-wrist-and-throat" sign language.

Fact Checking:

I wish there could be a fact-check right away after candidates answer. Easy to talk and say things, but the voters should know if it's true. It is our responsibility to get to know these candidates, and their platforms and action plans, before we vote for any of them. Instead of issue or platform based questions, they cheapened the debate by asking questions about themselves. 

Personality Politics:

It was mostly personality politics. Kung puro lang naman siraan, well then this debate series is leading to nowhere. It's more of pointing out the mistakes than their political platforms! I feel like the candidates are more on insulting each other than actually trying to prove their point. We've had enough with all these arguments but some contents are out of context and seems nonsense already. Apparently, attacking a candidate's personality and experience is mostly preferred as a campaign strategy over outlining one's platforms.

This presidential debate is very "cave men." The 1 1/2 hours of waiting time is worth it. I may be hating the way they emphasized their points via mud slinging, but this debate is a lot sassier than the first one. But if these  presidential candidates can't handle themselves, how much more if they are allowed to handle the country? It would be painful, mostly for the Filipino people. It was too painful to watch the circus (as in perya, perya!), but all of us need to endure the pain since all of these ultimate efforts would soon become our future..

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