Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our Children Deserve Better Than Harmful and Dirty Softdrinks

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Congratulations to my son. He just finished Grade 10 which is 4th year high school if not for the K-to-12 program. I will always want the best for him and that includes giving him only what is good for both mind, body and soul. As a parent, I will keep him away from what I believe can be harmful for him.

With so many scientific breakthroughs and discoveries in many fields, it is a wonder why there still exists the destructive products around us which include artificial or processed food products like softdrinks. We all know what's healthy for us, yet we often turn to the cheaper products that would only put us into more danger, and subject us to more expensive hospital and medical expenses because of the degradation in health, leading to sickness, that it will eventually cause.

I have been advocating against these softdrink products since we all know they are health hazards regardless of the quantity consumed. There is noting beneficial about the products and they have been proven so many times, for so many years, that they could not assure the cleanliness of their softdrinks especially the bottled ones. If large foreign objects like candy wrappers can penetrate their system, what more of the minute particles that go undetected by the naked eye.

We should be panicking since this problem has been around for years, yet these big corporations are just paying off the complainants with bribes, and giving generous gifts to influential people, just so they can keep running their business. Why has the issues keep dying down? That would be one of the biggest enigmatic questions.

What is the government, specifically the FDA, DOH and DTI doing with all these complaints? Why are these softdrinks in our school canteens which makes them a threatening alternative to the better fruit juices? It's alright if we spend a little ore as long as we are assured our children will not become sick. 

Why are they being packaged with our fastfood orders? Is it because they cost very little compared to the real and fresh alternatives? Why are we sacrificing our children's health?

If you'll look at their advertisements and commercials, they say noting about the health benefits of softdrinks because there are none. So why do we keep them in the market to only put ourselves in danger?

Reliable sources within some media group of friends are also saying that they have been receiving instructions to avoid touching on the topic, It looks like we've triggered some nerves too, and the company concerned is taking measures to counteract the issues with their very own brainwashing campaigns to continue fooling the people by advertising their product as one that would make you "happy." Lol!

Even after so many shout out calling the attention of Coca-Cola, they have not initiated a discussion with us, which would only mean they are either guilty or do not have anything to say that would deny the accusation....and that's just one of the complainants. There's plenty more people coming out to expose them.

Join our advocacy against softdrinks so we can drive them away from our people, especially the children. We all deserve better.

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