Friday, January 22, 2016

Going Mental with Justin "The Mental Assassin" Piñon

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Your Pambansang Blogger ng Pilipinas got to meet Justin Pinon, The Mental Assassin, for the third time, and still very much impressed of his mind-boggling performance done exclusively for our bloggers group.

I first saw the guy in action during an event at a venue in Century City Mall, then for the second time at The Revel at The Palace Pool Club for another event. I was invited at both events as a media practitioner, and he was there to entertain the crowd.

However, we were not only entertained but thoroughly amazed of what he can do. It's a lot better than magic since it surely does not trick our eyes or our senses, but rather the other way around. What makes Justin Pinon different from magicians is that he studies how a person moves, acts and reacts, taking into account all eye movements and body gestures.

From his Facebook page "He is not Psychic and has no supernatural abilities but he can figure out what you are thinking. As a Mentalist, he can seem to read your mind and manipulate your behavior and your decisions. He does not claim that he possesses neither supernatural powers nor psychic abilities. However, he can figure out what you are thinking through the use of Psychology, his expertise at body language reading, hypnosis, suggestion and showmanship."

Watch our 6 part video coverage of Justin Pinon's exclusive performance for our group at 

It's a talent that we would all want to learn if we want to be able to get along, motivate, or even convince or manipulate people to do our bidding,or at least, take control of a situation for our benefit. Remember how the "budol-budol" gangs are able to somehow engage unsuspecting people to follow them? He said they are also using the same techniques to somehow influence you to become more submissive to their "suggestions."

In other words, it's the power of mastering psychology as an art form, that if perfected, will become very beneficial for you.

You will never get tired of his "mental prowess" since we all love to get enthralled with something so rare that it is filled with disbelief. At first, I thought there might be a hidden camera somewhere with a person reading what we have written on our pieces of paper, or his blindfold materials are made from something transparent, but you will simply awe with wonder on how he really does it.

I never imagined the mind could be easily read or manipulated especially for a guy like me who's mood constantly changes and whose interests abruptly transcends from a "flavor of the month" to a "daily dosage of different."

Yes, I couldn't even predict what I would do next because of my adventurous personality but somehow he was able to tap into my inner yearnings towards my family and loved ones.

We are proud to be bringing home Justin Pinon's autographed book entitled "The Three Hit Combo." I hope to find the time to read it.

Like what my fellow blogger has said, he is one tough guy to hang out with as a "barkada" because he can clearly see your thoughts and intentions. No more "poker face" to hide what you really feel because he can sense what you are all about by just observing you, even with his eyes closed.

He sure makes a living proof that the other senses are heightened when the eye sight is not working. At one event, I witnessed him use his sense of smell to recognize a previous volunteer who went on stage among the crowd.

I couldn't really forget how he was able to guess my "Procrastinate" word that many people at the event considered very difficult since not to many uses the word. From there I gt hooked already. I couldn't forget the guy which led to our invitation to him to perform exclusively for us.

We would like to thank Justin Pinon for taking time to help us arrange an exclusive meet-up with him so we can get to know the guy more intimately. He surely got our vote if ever he is running for Performer of the Year. That's because I've seen so many stand-up comics, singers, dancers, etc., which already bores me to death. But Justin Pinon always gets my attention as I try to find out how he does it.

We would also like to thank Rae Aldrin Lim and Kristin Cornejo of Staple and Perk Bakery for providing some snacks after the exclusive performance. Their place is located at the ground floor of Eco Plaza building Chino Roces Avenue Extension Makati.

Staple and Perk Bakery boasts of simple yet delicious and well-done products, from the bread to the pastries to the coffee. They have a very spacious place that is venue to many artsy events. We were treated with some of their pasta and rice dishes, as well as their delightful bread buns with lots of sesame seeds sprinkled on top.

Justin admitted that he has made some mistakes throughout his career, and its probably because it takes great skills and confidence to be able to deliver his performance well enough and convincing. But he also said that he benefited a lot from his ability which puts him at an advantageous edge.

With great mental power comes equally great responsibility. His gift can truly be considered a blessing. Who wouldn't want to be able to overpower others using his techniques?

Justin conducts several kinds of training seminars like the Loud & Clear: The Basic Body Language Course on the 20th of February, 2016, that's a Saturday on the 14th Floor of AIC Empire Tower building, Ortigas Pasig. Entrance is only at P500 per person.

He performs regularly at many places including Staple and Perk Bakery where he will have a performance this Friday, January 22 at 9 pm dubbed as The Big Bang Illusion. Entrance is only at P200 per person.

Find out more about Justin Pinon at

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