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Design Ideas That Appeal To Women Home Buyers

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With Filipino women comprising 61 percent of all prospective homebuyers, according to data from Lamudi Philippines (, it is imperative homes are designed in a way that appeals to them. After all, Filipino women have a huge say on how much to buy, where to buy, and what to buy—the latter should appeal to their tastes. Hence, real estate developers and homebuilders should incorporate more women-friendly design into the homes they sell. Lamudi Philippines has a few suggestions.

1. Walk-in Closet

A walk-in closet is a big draw among female homebuyers not just because of the ample space it provides, but also because it offers a smart storage solution. In advent of small homes and condos, the idea of a “perfect” storage involves plastic boxes stacked on top of one another, which creates a problem as sensitive items like leather shoes and bags stored inside them become susceptible to mildews. If properly designed, a walk-in closet lets a homeowner have a space these items “breathe,” be on display, and easily reached.

2. Easily Accessible Laundry Area

Most Filipino homes have laundry area at the back of the house, which is a long way from the bedroom. Why not have it easily accessible to the master bedroom? This will mean shorter trips from the clothesline to the bedroom closets.

3. Pocket Office

This infrequently used space is intended for finishing work brought home, so it need not be too cozy or as large as traditional den or home office. In fact, a quiet corner can be converted into one. Make sure though that area has an electrical outlet, can accommodate a small desk and comfortable chair, and can be reached by your Wi-Fi signal (Pro Tip: Sometimes it is best to place your landline phone and Wi-Fi router in this area.)

4. Travel Center

Many homeowners nowadays love to travel, which means they keep at least one suitcase at home. However, many women cringe at the idea of having to pack and unpack their suitcase on their clean bedspread. The solution for this is a “travel center”—a small flat surface (like a table or desk) where the suitcase can be placed during packing and unpacking. Usually found in the walk-in closet so everything that needs to be packed is conveniently within reach, this area should hold the suitcase when not in use. No more running up and down the stairs to fetch the suitcase where it’s stored.

5. Open-Plan Kitchen and Dining Area

Gone are the days when the wife/mother was toiling invisibly in the kitchen while the rest of the family sat in the living room, watching TV and waiting to be called for dinner. By the time they get to the dining room, the table was perfectly set. Today’s kitchens usually function as a casual area where families sit together while preparing dinner, allowing some quality time together. Also, designers recommend plenty of storage space and pullout drawers within reach to minimize traffic while meals are prepared.

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  1. I think the main concern is often storage space when it comes to women. This is because they often have an excessive amount of things to keep like clothing and jewelry so an abundant amount of space would definitely entice female buyers.

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