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Claudine Barretto at the Blogcon for Etiquette for Mistresses

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Etiquette for Mistresses" is already showing and recently had its premier night last September 30 but the forever beautiful Claudine Barretto, just like all the other equally beautiful Barretto ladies, still gave us the opportunity to interview her at a bloggers' conference or what we call as "blogcon" for short.

The blogcon was held at the Star Cinema office on October 1, the very first day of showing of the said movie, and will also be shown at other countries as we write this for the benefit of our fellow Filipinos who are abroad, and of course, also for the foreigners who already appreciate Pinoy movies.

Claudine was without doubt so stunning as always when she came in the room. She really is still one of the most beautiful faces in showbiz. She hasn't lost her appeal and even though she is a bit bigger now, she still has that charming overall appearance that you'll definitely make full notice everytime she passes by. She is always deserving your full attention for who couldn't resist staring at her angelic face that also has made the Barretto clan belonging to the most beautiful faces of Philippine entertainment. From her sisters to her nieces, and also her daughters, you would really see them stand out among a sea of faces.

We were really starstruck for this will be our first time to see her again for years. We've seen her before at some presscons and appearances at certain gatherings but this will be our first time to meet her in a blogcon.

Thanks to Star Cinema for finally noticing and inviting us as well to their events.

We took a video coverage of the entire blogcon interviews so be sure to watch out for it soon here at our blog site and also at our YouTube channel.

As what Claudine has shared, "Etiquette for Mistresses" is a story about ladies who happen to belong at a particular sector of society where they had very little choice but to be mistresses for married men. For whatever reasons, may it have been true love or a need for extra necessities in life, these ladies have their own stories to tell. Based from the best-selling book, with a subtitle "And What Wives Can Learn From Them", written by popular author Julie Yap Daza, the movie is still not the entire book so expect a continuation or part two of the movie. We still wouldn't know if it will be the same casts but what we know is it will equally be sensational.

The movie was not intended to glorify mistresses but to put into the spotlight women as a whole. It wanted to show what we could learn from actual realities. Society cannot deny the proliferation of mistresses for several reasons, and we could not debate on the fact that most mistresses tend to be more beautiful, caring, "malambing" and "maasikaso" that adds to the many reasons why men are attracted to them.

The so called "mistresses" on the other hand, have varied reasons as well why they let themselves become one. The word already denotes negativity but there are probably real stories out there that says otherwise. We couldn't really pinpoint anybody as it is an unspoken part of society that many would like to keep a secret.

Claudine share with us her many thoughts of the movie and how little she can relate to the story and her character in the movie since she is very grateful that the same situation never happened to her. You can watch the video coverage to hear it for yourselves.

Claudine Barretto has bounced back from several years of being out of showbiz after personal dilemmas, and she is proud to have the most challenging role in the movie for her character really has the best background story compared to all the other personalities in the movie.

She is somewhat disappointed that not all of their lines were kept as part of the movie but that warrants a second run for part two of this very interesting and controversial topic.

Others may say it is taking advantage of the curiosity of people by highlighting a very sensational reality of society, but it is also a wake-up call for those who are keeping their eyes shut and not learning from all these. We should concentrate more on the learning factor and that the movie's production is just cleverly using its "marketing" prowess to entice you to watch the movie.

What's really amazing about Claudine is she was the one who even asked for a group photo with my fellow bloggers. She was also very accommodating in having us for the photo ops and selfies and even allowed us to do a video with her. You don't normally hear that from other celebrities. Many would even get out of the room as fast as they came in escorted by their PAs and security.

Thank you Claudine for a very interesting afternoon with you, and congratulations for a very successful movie. You can count on Star Cinema to always give us the best movies that are both visually entertaining and intellectually appealing.

Two thumps up from your friendly neighborhood Pambansang Blogger ng Pilipinas! Watch our video coverage where we got to ask Claudine to do a video invite solo and together with yours truly!

You can't see it here but I'm actually putting up two thumbs for Claudine Barretto and the movie "Etiquette for Mistresses." OMG! I'm so enjoying this moment! Thanks a lot, Clau!!!

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