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RCC Amazing Touch Offers Effective Treatment Removal for Moles and Warts

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Did you know that even how good you take care of yourself, you are still susceptible to develop warts? Warts are caused by a certain strain of human papillomavirus (HPV) and anyone can get warts. Even children and teens can get warts. Although warts in children disappear after some time, some can thrive up to their adult years. And if the wart is located on the face or other visible areas, it can cause embarrassment and inadvertently lowers a person’s self esteem.

“If you have a weakened immune system, you are more susceptible to develop warts,” adds Richard B. Dela Cruz, President of RCC Amazing Touch International, Inc. (RCCAT). According to him, warts are contagious that it can spread from one person to the other through touch or skin contact. He explains that warts can even spread by the mere use of towels that are exposed to warts.

He further explains that touching a door handle infected with HPV can also spread warts. A cut or a scrape can even become an entry point for HPV that causes warts. “Every person develops warts many times in their lifetime. So even though you have removed warts now, it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t in the next few months or years.”

Although warts commonly found in the body are harmless, warts found in the genitalia are a different story. Accordingly, genital warts should be treated as soon as possible since it can spread and grow in large numbers. It is also a common viral sexually transmitted infection (STI) so it is contagious and it can infect another person.

Another reason why people with genital warts should worry is that HPV can cause cancers, specifically cervical and anal cancers. “The presence of warts on the genitalia means that a person was exposed to HPV, and medical researches tell us that HPV poses risks that can develop cancers,” Dela Cruz warns.

Removal of warts

The same thing with moles; some people are born with it while other moles appear during childhood and adolescence. Although moles are generally harmless, some moles are cancerous. “If the mole is not symmetrical in shape, if it changes in color, size and shape, if it itches, painful and it bleeds, then the mole can be malignant or cancerous,” he says.

“Even if the mole is not cancerous, some moles are located in parts of the body can draw attention and can affect the person’s self-esteem.” He shares that some clients who visited RCC Amazing Touch clinics have moles on their eyelids or near the eyes, tips of their nose, and lips; the location of the moles can affect the confidence since it can draw attention.

“Even though how much you don’t want to stare at their moles, it is quite a challenge since they are located on the face. You don’t want to be rude, pero ang hirap iwasan ng tingin,” he smiles.

Removal of moles

Treatment and Removal of Mole, Warts and Other Skin Growths

“If you are concerned about a mole that shows signs that it might be cancerous, it is best to visit any of the 24 branches of RCC Amazing Touch clinics to have it treated and removed,” Dela Cruz reminds.

He also shares that RCCAT uses herbal cautery not just for the removal of moles, but also warts, milia, skin tags, xanthelasma and other skin outgrowths. “Our products are proven effective, safe, non-invasive, and relatively painless as compared to other forms of treatment.”

Although there are other treatments like surgery using a scalpel, laser surgery, cryotherapy (freezing), electrocautery (use of low electrical current), topical applications, and home remedies (they may work, but they often don’t), herbal cautery is still a safer alternative to effectively remove skin outgrowths. “Our treatment services need no anesthesia and relatively less painful. Parang kagat lang ng langgam. Kayang-kaya,” he quips.

He narrates that RCCAT can even treat warts, moles and other skin outgrowths located in sensitive areas like eyelids or nose. “Other forms of treatments can’t do that. If you will go for surgery, the skin around the warts or moles will be affected as well. But with herbal cautery, tinutumbok mo lang ang moles at warts, yun lang ang tinatanggal mo at hindi kasama ang skin around it.”

“We’ve been treating and removing warts and moles for 18 years now so our products and our treatments are proven through the years,” he proudly shares. He further shared that RCCAT products garnered several prestigious awards from coveted invention exhibits in the Philippines and across the globe. The inventions Demole (for the removal of moles) and Dewart (for the removal of warts) even won the highest awards in the British invention exposition.

“Our products bested other entries from inventors across the globe. We even garnered several Gold Awards from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and that’s a feat that we are really proud of.”

“For almost two decades operating as RCCAT and almost 3 decades since our father Rolando C. Dela Cruz invented the herbal treatment, we’ve perfected our treatment methods to ensure the efficacy and safety of our product. We also offer free consultation and a guarantee of treatment. Clients can go back for a follow up treatment for free,” he says.

Although most of their clinics are located in the NCR, RCCAT also has some branches in Cebu, Iloilo and Bacolod. “We are gearing for a wider market reach through online marketing and we want to reach more clients, especially in areas that we don’t have clinical branches yet. Using online platforms like social media, through the help of our blogger friends, we can reach clients in different parts of the country, even those who are living abroad.”

Great news! Enjoy up to 30% discounts in the treatment removal of moles, warts, milia, xanthelasma, skin tags, genital warts and other skin outgrowths. Simply follow these 4 easy steps to avail of the discount.

1. Use this discount code RCC-WAZZUP
2. Email your full name, email address, mobile number, and the code. Indicate in your email the location of the branch where you want to get your treatment. Also indicate the skin condition e.g. moles, warts, etc.

3. You will receive an email confirmation.

4. Print the email confirmation and present it to the clinic to avail of the discount.

A client can use the discount code multiple times, but on different treatment dates; one discount code per treatment. The discount code couldn’t be combined with other RCC promos and discounts. The discount code can be used from September 1 until Sept. 30, 2015.

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