Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lloyd Cafe Cadena Teaches Us How to Sing Like a Diva

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The Internet is really filled with amazing video content that I no longer see my children watch the television. They are up there in their rooms busy with their tablets and watching videos on YouTube. They are among the digital natives who were born with easy access to superb gadgets and technologies.

During weekends, the only time they will go down to join us at the living room is when lunch or dinner is served, or when they feel their videos deserved to be watched in the bigger LED monitor of our Smart TV which allows them to watch YouTube on television too. The Smart TV is connected to the Internet via W-Fi connection and they can browse any web site with it.

I won that Smart TV at a raffle from one of the events that I attended a few days before Christmas so I consider it a gift from the heavens above. Howver, I still prefer watching on my laptop where I can multitask. I can easily check out any new information or news out there via my social media accounts or favorite news portals, and of course, videos from my favorite YouTube sensations. Consider that I am always one among the huge number of viewers that would always check out everything new they have to offer.

One of the newest YouTube sensation discoveries I encountered was this Lloyd Cafe Cadena character. I met him personally at the YouTube Fan Fest event held a few weeks ago at the Marriott Grand Ballroom but I've been watching his videos already even before that special day.

He now has a new video out called "How To Sing Like a Diva" which is apparently a part of the series he calls 10 Something Something.

Fair enough, he tries his best to naturally come up with attention-grabbing gimmicks with very little care whether its done at his living room, bedroom, kitchen, or wherever he please. I think part of what makes his video interesting is that it seems he never considers the lighting or background pleasantness. His introduction shows a wall with a couple of framed photos hanging and a lot of distracting white spots. He employs very minimal sound and video effects and is not really concerned with what he wears. This makes his videos seem like home-made and very relatable to the common folks or masses.

You can actually get a glimpse of his audience by reading the comments he gets like "Yung boses nyo po mahirap pulutin. Basag eh hehehe peace!" and "Galing ni LC! Yoohoo Yung high notes! mabuti di ka napiyok kahit medyo di tumutuno hahahahah :D Love you !!" and "Pushnatin yan Lloyd, nakakarelate much ako. Kahit di gaano kaganda ang boses, birit to the max ang peg ko. Hahahaha, na inspired ako. I push ntin yan!" and " Hahaha omg hindi na ako nakapagreview sa kakanood ng lloyd cadena."

It is without any doubt that the masses love him for what he naturally is. Walang masyadong sugar-coating because he is originally simple yet sweet enough to please! That simplicity coupled with his amusing wit and passionate story-telling makes him a real hit with his fans. Even his extras are more like just his family, relatives, and neighbors only, which adds to the fun of his videos!

No wonder he was included by ABS-CBN to be part of their Chicken Pork Adobo Multi-Channel Network (MCN) talents.

Just as how he seems to be in person when I met him for the first time, he is one of those amazing entertainers who has a lot of talent to generously share. Congratulations to Lloyd Cafe Cadena for being a well-loved influencer, and thank you to YouTube for the medium that allowed many individuals the power to be heard and seen!

Wow! I've also learned that he also writes. Wow again! Grab a copy of his books "Eng Serep Megwele" and "Hopia" at your nearest bookstores nationwide or order online.

Eng Serep Megwele -
Hopia - Soon to be available online

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  1. Thank You for the sweet words. You made my day! God Bless you always :)

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment here :)

  2. many individuals don't, and indeed, they're pricey! - then, at that point, there are still A LOT of assets you can gain from and apply to your singing all alone.


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