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Are We Truly Alone? Find the Answers on Alien Invasion Week on Discovery Science

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When events like the recent discovery of Kepler-186f, or the first habitable zone planet comparable to Earth - happen, we cannot help but ask, are we truly alone in this universe?

With the rest of the galaxy still unexplored, it is not a far-out possibility that the universe could be inhabited by non-human neighbors. They seem to want to make their presence felt, too, as evidenced by multiple accounts of encounters from everywhere around the world. In the Philippines, reports of unidentified flying objects and alien sightings have been documented and we count down some of those shared by Edwin Gatia, author of “Unknown & Unearthly: The Philippine UFO Experience”, as well as Tony Israel, Founder of the UFO Society of the Philippines.

1. Iloilo Encounters. A series of encounters with strange-looking individuals occurred in Barangay Lawigan, Iloilo in September of 2010. The witnesses included kids and adults alike who came face-to-face with the creatures. Witnesses claimed they saw a group of seven beings with oddly-big, red eyes and huge bald heads. None of the residents can say what the non-human visitors’ affairs were. To this day, the residents of Lawigan are vigilant – they believe these creatures might return.

2. Pilots’ testimonials – While some would claim that unidentified flying objects might just be planes, testimonials from three pilots of a renowned local carrier talk of simultaneous sightings of a multi-colored object in the sky while they were on board their respective flights. The separate flights came from Cagayan de Oro, Zamboanga and Davao, and all three pilots saw the same thing.

3. Ormoc landing – The rural Barangay Valencia, in Ormoc, Leyte, did not only report of a sighting in the sky. In 1985, four school children reportedly saw a mysterious vehicle, shaped like an inverted giant saucer and glowing with intense light, silently hovering before it "landed" on an open field. A few minutes later, the object simply took off again "just as silently as it landed", leaving markings on its landing area.

4. Tale from Talisay – A farmer from Talisay City, Negros Occidental, said he saw non-human creatures by a river in April 1979. The creatures were tall, and wore shiny, gray rubberized plastic white suits with brown belts and black gloves and boots. The men came out from three objects which landed near a river.

As investigator of various UFO sightings in the Philippines, Gatia, whose book includes about 400 stories from different accounts of sightings in the Philippines, has this to say about the possibility of human beings being not alone in the universe: “It is but normal to be skeptical of such unworldly matter as UFOs. The mind just can't accept the reality that we are not alone in this universe, but there have been a lot of credible people who see and report these incredible, anomalous phenomena.”

Satisfy your curiosity for aliens and UFO stories as Discovery Science reprises its popular extraterrestrial-themed Alien Invasion Week, kicking off with Alien Encounters, beginning August 23, airing Sunday to Friday, 9pm. UFO sightings reported from various regions around the globe are featured on Close Encounters, starting August 23, airing Sunday to Thursday, 9:50pm. And join the hunt on Planet Hunters as they follow astrophysicists at the forefront of the search for Earth’s twin, premiering August 29, Saturday, 9pm.

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