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Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman: Attempts to Answer Life’s Biggest Questions


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Do we already know everything there is to know about the universe? Sometimes, Science throws questions that are even bigger than life itself. Some remain as mysteries, while others are like jigsaw puzzles slowly being solved.

This month, Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman brings to life man’s many questions on science and existence in Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. In each episode, Freeman tries to sheds light on questions which science is beginning to answer such as:        

Are Aliens Inside Of Us?

Odds are high that extraterrestrial life exists. So why haven't aliens been found in the galaxy? Are experts looking in the wrong places? New research shows that experts should look closer to home, even inside the human body. It turns out that a lot of our DNA is from a mysterious, nonhuman source. Theoretically, alien microbial life can make the journey to Earth from distant worlds, and scientists are finding some unearthly microbes in the upper atmosphere. Could it be from outer space? Could humans be part alien? It is even possible alien life is already here as digital life forms, hiding inside technology.

Do We Live In The Matrix?

The universe seems real. But what if it's a videogame? What if The Matrix is not just a far-fetched fantasy movie? Scientists in a variety of fields are taking seriously the possibility that humans are living in a virtual reality. Perhaps the Big Bang was just the moment someone flipped the switch and turned on the universe. Maybe what looks random has already been programmed to happen. If some advanced civilization did design and program our universe, would we ever know? Scientists are looking for glitches in the laws of the universe that may uncover its hidden code.

Are We All Bigots?

If you had less than one second to make a life-or-death decision to shoot a man who might be armed with a lethal weapon, science shows that Americans -- black and white -- are more likely to mistakenly shoot a black man than a white man. Why? Brain imaging studies are showing that negative cultural stereotypes hijack everyone's subconscious decision-making. So why do we divide ourselves into tribes? What are the chances of change? Science says we can overcome bigotry through exposure, self-awareness and flexible social networks -- and, most controversially of all, ultra-violent video games!

Why Do We Lie?

Nobody likes a liar, but yet we still deliberately deceive each other constantly. Are our brains wired for lying from a young age? The brains of pathological liars may provide insights. Will technology make it easier for us to be dishonest, or could it someday instantly reveal someone is lying? Perhaps we are deceitful because our limited senses prevent us from seeing the real truth. Scientists say our own memories deceive us, and have managed to implant false memories. Other scientists look for the ultimate truth in the subatomic world...only to end up turning reality on its head.

Can Time Go Backwards?

We move around in space, but we are stuck in a prison of time moving ever forwards. Einstein said, "The distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." Is our experience of the ticking clock merely a trick of the mind? Could science ever make the clock move backwards? Experiments in quantum physics are showing that the future influences the present: what happens later limits the choices we think we have now. The laws of physics say visiting or talking to ourselves in the past is possible...but changing history once we get there is not.

Are We Here For A Reason?

Evolution tells us that all life exists for only one purpose: to reproduce. But is that all there is? How could such a simple imperative lead us to create great art and civilizations? A new theory suggests that instead of passing on genes, our ultimate purpose is to process and pass on information. We are the universe figuring itself out. Scientists dig deep into DNA, chemistry, technology and engineering to find the meaning of life. One thing is certain: living is easier if you find a reason for living.

Catch the premiere of Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman S6 on Discovery Science this Sunday, July 19, 9:30 pm.

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