Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mobile Apps Rule, Startups Are Kings, The Masses Are Still Dreaming


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This is the generation when mobile apps rule, and when startups involved in the development are kings. However, it is quite alarming to see so many but only a few that is worth investing on to solve real world problems. They may have conquered our lives by keeping us busy with so many to play with, but are they really what we need?

What good are smart and innovative mobile apps when it does not contribute to the real needs of society? What good are these entrepreneurial spirits calling themselves startups when most of them just want to join the fad to become "cool" and "in" and are generally funded by affluent parents or benefactors.

The world needs more practical solutions to our immediate and more pressing problems and not a bunch of mobile apps that only sugarcoats or dresses up our lifestyle. To provide for the needs of the average people that compose of the majority of our countrymen are the most important tasks that we need to focus on.

The masses may forget for a while their hunger, lack of education, or being jobless or underemployed, if you give them an opportunity to buy an affordable smartphone where they can download all the f*cking innovative mobile apps available, or immerse themselves with so many news and teleserye shows from different TV networks capitalizing on sensationalism, or keep them busy on social media ranting against their most hated politician or government official, but at the end of the day they will remain poor because they still don't have a decent job to pay them enough to elevate their lives.

Who benefits from these mobile apps? Only the select few that can afford a lifestyle fit for the elite. Unless you are bloggers like us who are able to get these privileges for free in exchange for an article in our publication, not too many have the same perks and benefits.

We are so damn proud of ourselves that we are able to hail a vehicle, order our food, or book a hotel online using our smartphones. But we keep on forgetting that a large percentage of our countrymen will not be able to share the same experience because they continue to rot in depressed areas all waiting to get the big break in life but mostly doing nothing monumental but fall in line at variety game shows or lotto outlets. They are still dreaming of a happy ending in their fairy tale. Still waiting for somebody to swoop them off their feet and take them to a castle.

Develop something that will truly change their situation and not make them more frustrated with their miserable lives.

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