Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Yaya Meal Hullabaloo: Balesin Island Club Is In Deep Shit Because of Oblivious CEO

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Many are reacting to this "yaya meal" hullabaloo... What's your opinion?

Re-post from Balesin Island Club:

"We at Balesin Island Club do not understand this entire hullabaloo about the “yaya meal.” Any talk of discrimination is inappropriate. In fact, if the guest or member chooses to have the Club serve the “yaya” tenderloin steak and lobster thermidor, we will gladly serve it to the yaya. “Yaya meal” is merely an accommodation and an option for the guest for their “yaya”. H...ence, we do not serve this meal if there is no instruction at all from the guest for a “yaya meal” to be served to a “yaya”.

Incidentally, the yayas are thrilled with their meals because these are deliciously prepared by our chefs, as well, for our operating staff at Balesin.

Mike M. Asperin
CEO & Island Director
Balesin Island Club"

A bunch are saying they should have hires a PR to answer such issues since the CEO named Mike M. Asperin was obviously oblivious to the real reason why many people are reacting violently to his statement.

The fact that this place has a so called discriminating "yaya meal" is already a sign that the management, or the people running the place, are OK with offensive terminologies that distinguished their VIPs from their maids or helpers....and in the case of the CEO, their "operating staff" who are also thrilled being served a "yaya meal."

But was the management just complying with the request of a majority of their members? Thus making most of their members the affluent spoiled brats?

Best alternatives to have named the meal are budget, value, tipid, sulit, ...the "yaya" was unappealing as it totally downgrades based on social status or job/work description. It's like saying they are inferior human beings belonging to class C and D so they deserve the cheaper food appropriate for their class.

Food is food.
People are people.

Food is for people.
Why do we have to label it according to one's job/social status? to show who is the employer and who is the employee? why create a menu to encourage building gaps between people? Or make anyone feel superior/inferior than the other regardless of what is being served in the menu?

A lot of us here are not experts at economics and marketing stuff Mr. CEO, but it only needs a HEART to know what the 'hullabaloo' is all about. You have the power to make a difference on the 'environment' you are given. Every bit of choice you make for the club affects other's perception of things and they can pass it on to their children. Not so many people have that power. But I bet you know that already.

Sad to see that this is all that you can say and do about this issue. What a waste of gift."

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