Sunday, April 19, 2015

Confessions of a Gatecrasher

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We've been called a gatecrasher, a loot bagger, a plagiarist sympathizer, and a lot more crazy accusations throughout the short years we've ran the Wazzup Pilipinas blog site.

Maybe it's all true since the accusers have their own ridiculous definitions of these terminologies, the same stupid way they define who are the leading bloggers out there. Ironically, they describe these mischiefs biased to what they are doing.

What was so absurdly pathetic was that many believed the online rants and rumors even without concrete proofs or evidences. How could people be so gullible and insensitive? Even after so many explanations to defend ourselves to the point that we decided at one point to keep quiet, but only to bounce back up again when we thought it was getting irritable, and we needed to reveal the truth.

However, fools refuse to believe even when he truth is slapped in their gory faces when they are truly against you, or threatened at what you are potentially becoming. Even an admission of an honest invite from another party was ignored and rejected. They couldn't attack the other one since she was not within their ranks, while we continue raising the roof and going for an expansion of floors.

We were not totally unfazed, but we kept our sanity in tact. We believe we were at the most righteous path even though we are not entirely saints.

Gatecrashing was supposed to be forced entry and/or when you come uninvited. It's never gatecrashing when you ask permission before entering the premises. It doesn't really matter if there are real life gatecrashers out there within their midst since they were too small to be considered a threat. They were after the big game players who were going too imba and needs to be nerfed before the newbies catch up on the old timers. We've gone way beyond their radar that we've hit the heavens already. Lol!

Loot bags are there as complimentary giveaways for both bloggers and tri-media (collectively as quad-media). They are specifically given away to make members of the media happy. So why would some people curse those that expect some tokens of appreciation. Do we want to put down the event organizers, PRs and companies for not accepting their little gifts?

The warm welcome was there to make us feel at home or better, the buffet or plated meals were served to fill up our hungry bellies, the extra services like transportation, accommodation, and other perks, freebies and privileges are there to please us, so why let to waste an opportunity for both parties to be merry?

Plagiarism could have been a deadly sin if it was meant to benefit immensely the perpetrator, but  we all know that the plagiarists are the ones who suffer if they post the same content online since they are not the first ones or original authors. Press releases were created with SEO thoughts in mind, so why waste a good write-up that was financed considerably? Rewards are given to those with unique and great content. Bullying a plagiarist is not a respectable act as well. Defending the underdogs are more honorable.

Admittedly, the online trash talks against our site and founder affected the performance of the site since some would rather stay away and remain neutral rather than become associated with the accused. Very few wanted to take sides. Those were the fearful weaklings, the ones who would forget decency in exchange of profitable ventures, the ones who wouldn't take risks, the ones who would sacrifice their morality just to keep everyone else happy. Only a handful remained to be trusted since the challenge was the ultimate test to see who was on our side. We learned who our real friends were, and who were the lousy users who were just tagging along for the rewards and benefits.

When the issues against Wazzup Pilipinas died down (or lessen), the obviously disgruntled few continued with their malicious and mischievous fabrications making all sorts of online thread when they hear something about us. They've been posting updates about our whereabouts like there's a CCTV capturing our every move. We've even got reports of updated locations at particular events.

What these bitches fail to realize was that not all of their esteemed thread followers are faithful to their cause. Many of the grunts reach us almost everyday, and we were amused we were the talk of the town.

Our partners were somewhat overwhelmed with the miserable mockeries our detractors try to inflict towards Wazzup Pilipinas but our stronger allies continue to partner with us for they would not let themselves be influenced by suspiciously orchestrated defamations.

Look who's laughing now! Unfortunate for the bitter gourds - the ones who were too gullible to believe rumors spread by false sentinels pretending to be concerned for the community could not even look at us straight in the eye because they've realized they are the real losers in this game they call blogging. They remain mum when they encounter us face-to-face. Thus we were laughing out loud deep inside.

Yup! We are calling it a game since some have been racing to the top and doing all kinds of tricks just to give an illusion of grandeur. We all know it takes only a few resources to get a few numbers. It's all about the money they want to reap after investing a few bucks.

They have a peculiar way of defining what a top blogger really is. All of these definitions point to the attributes they already have, or what most of their friends have been flaunting. We refuse to accept their standards.

We all know we will not be playing by their rules. We are playing our own leisure game and not competing with anyone even though we've been recognized by too many award-giving bodies already, and that we've been achieving so many collaborations both within and outside of blogging.

Hooray to us for bridging radio and TV partnerships. Bravo to us for the collaborations we keep on getting. Kami na! Eh Di Wow for Wazzup Pilipinas!

We are all grinning with smiles from ear to ear like we are a family of Cheshire cats. Nobody can bring good men down especially when we continue to remain on top of the food chain.

Bashers, ranters, detractors, rumor mongerers ...keep away! or get a little bit closer since you were all part of the reason why we kept on reaching epic heights. We've been growing almost faster than the speed of light. The future is so bright that we have to wear shades all the time.

We are figuratively crashing the gates of heaven with all our achievements. We believe we have a guardian angel that keeps on rewarding us with so many precious gifts. We have so many success stories that we have a lot to write about until the next generation takes over.

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