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Wazzup Pilipinas: A Phenomenal Success (Awarding Ceremonies Closing Remarks Speech)

Wazzup Pilipinas!

This will be my speech for the Closing Remarks for tonight's awarding ceremonies which will be held at Hotel Rembrandt in Tomas Morato Avenue Extension of Quezon City.

I only wrote it last night so it's really what's on the top of my mind. It's not hifalutin as what most people would expect from a speech. I made as simple as possible but as meaningful as can be. After all, we are a simple blog site that grew into more than what it could possibly be  thanks to the many supporters who stood by our side and kept patting us on the back encouraging us that no matter how controversial or challenging the path less travelled.

We are still trekking the path that lead towards the most righteous destination. A destination that would remain endless - no end of the road for us - since life should be a continuous travel that should be filled with fun and fervor. Life should be what we want it to be and not what others expect it to be.

Many have said we are so stubborn to listen. But imagine what would have happened if we did. We would have not been at this particular point in our lives. We would have been just one of the guys trying to blend in. What we did was to stand out from the crowd. We created our own branding. We made our site the Pambansang Blog ng Pilipinas - unminding the hits, views, rankings, etc., - We did not concerned ourselves of the numbers because it does not really translate to what we really want to achieve - A legacy to be remembered by all Filipinos.

"I know many of us right now are so proud of ourselves because we are all going to be bringing home an award. We are so proud of the recognition conferred to us by the award-giving body. We know we shall forever cherish this symbol of our hard work and determination to do the very best in everything that we do.

We all have our delightful stories of how we started as a company, and we take pride in sharing our humble beginnings.  

Allow us to share our own story. The story of Wazzup Pilipinas.

The story of Wazzup Pilipinas is phenomenal.

Why do we say phenomenal?

Probably because even we couldn’t believe that we have already accomplished amazing achievements we never dreamed possible in such a short time.

We just celebrated our second year as a blog site this month of March yet we have gained so many collaborations within those two years. These collaborations went beyond blogging and social media that it was truly overwhelming. 

We can now clearly see a lot more opportunities since our influence now transcended beyond blogging. It is somewhat surprising that we are now on both radio and TV. We were just guesting on a few radio and TV shows a few months ago, and now we have our own radio and TV show that goes by the name of Wazzup Pilipinas. 

The Wazzup Pilipinas radio segment on the Family Business show of Radyo Uno DZME 1530 AM airs every Sunday from 5 to 6:30 pm, and the Wazzup Pilipinas TV show will broadcast starting May 2 every Saturday from 8 to 9 pm on IBC 13.

Many of us are saying that online media is clearly the future. Many of us will eventually just refer to the Internet to keep ourselves informed and connected. But still Wazzup Pilipinas continues to embrace the significance of being on other forms of media to make our presence strongly felt by a wider audience all throughout the country and the world. In does not matter if some will say we are moving backwards, because we believe moving ahead doesn’t necessarily means moving alone to the top. We prefer to be moving together with more partners, on our way to mutually beneficial opportunities for all of us.

This is the strength of Wazzup Pilipinas. We opted to share our blessing instead of running after exclusivity. We opted for teamwork, instead of doing the job alone. We opted for transparency, instead of keeping secrets. We opted to empower each other with equal responsibilities, instead of competing for the top position.

The award we received tonight is NOT an award for our founder alone. It is an award for everyone who contributed to the entirety of Wazzup Pilipinas. 

The award is a recognition of our collaborative efforts. It signifies the countless hours we spent to keep the site updated with high quality content. It represents the multitude of partnerships we made and will continue to make.

We know everyone of us here would like to be successful in our own endeavor so wouldn’t it be great if we take this very rare opportunity of collaborating with our fellow awardees?

Wazzup Pilipinas is here to offer our services to your respective companies. We would be happy to accommodate your special requirements and customized our services based on your needs. Here’s hoping everyone else here would feel the same and return the favor. We can then all be one big happy group benefitting from the strong network we have setup tonight.

Of course, we won’t be able to talk with everyone tonight so we would suggest we pull out our business cards and start giving them away, but if you are like me, just pull out our smartphones and ask for their mobile number, email or Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account.

To end this fruitful evening, we would like to thank the award giving body for bringing us together in one roof. This is an equally phenomenal evening for all of us."

About "" is the fastest growing and most awarded blog and social media community that has transcended beyond online media. It has successfully collaborated with all forms of media namely print, radio and television making it the most diverse multimedia organization. The numerous collaborations with hundreds of brands and organizations as online media partner and brand ambassador makes a truly successful advocate of everything about the Philippines, and even more since its support extends further to even international organizations including startups and SMEs that have made our country their second home.

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