Friday, February 13, 2015

LED Light Bulbs for a lot Less!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Switching to energy efficient LED light bulbs has never been this easy!

CD-R King lets you try the cost-saving LED light bulbs with their Buy One, Take One promo. Applicable to all bulbs from 4 watts and above. Promo runs until February 28 only.

Why choose LED light bulbs?

1. These use less power so it'll help you save on your electrical bills. Think about up to 85% energy savings compared to incandescent and up to 50% energy savings compared to fluorescents. Bright Lightz has a lot to offer when it comes to LED lights, pay a visit to find the best ones.

2. These are non-toxic and materials used are 100% recyclable.

3. These last long. Average lifespan of a LED light bulb is 50,000 hours so you don't need to replace them often.

4. Comes in an array of shapes and designs.

Choose from a wide variety of LED light bulb choices from CD-R King here.


LED light bulbs from CD-R King are way affordable than most brands in the market today because:

1. LED technology has now become mainstream elsewhere in the world and is just as cheap as traditional bulbs.

2. CD-R King is a direct seller. The LED light bulbs are sourced straight from the factory and goes directly to the stores. No middlemen involved which would've raised the product's price at every level.

3. There are no celebrity endorsers or high-profile marketing campaigns used, which again would cause an item's price to soar and then passed on to the customer.

For more details and great deals, check out CD-R King's website. Follow CD-R King on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Technologies make our life easier. This LED bulbs are affordable for the people because of its price and it can help us to lessen our electric bills. This article is good because it informs us that there are other ways to save electricity and money.

  2. This LED light bulb made by cd-r king is I think the best one to use in your house. This product will contribute a lot if you want to save electricty and money. What's good in this product is that it is very affordable and yet it has many benefits like the materials are non-toxic and it is 100% recyclable and it can save up to 85% energy. I would really like to recommend this one to my family

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  4. Some LED bulbs can be recycled by rewiring it. Anybody who has busted LED bulbs let me know i'll buy it (

  5. Now, I'm really convinced with the efficiency of these LED light bulbs. Aside from the energy savings they give off, consumers can save money too.

  6. LED light bulbs are very helpful for us to save electricity. I hope that this article will encourage people to use LED light bulbs.

  7. Our electric consumption will surely get higher this up coming months. We will use a lot of electric appliances and to make our bills lower we should save electricity. LED light bulbs have many benefits especially if you want to save money.

  8. This article is very informative. This technology which is the LED light bulb aside from being affordable this will also help us to lessen our electric bills. Good Job!

  9. As an environmentalist myself, I love the idea of how CD-R King had improved its products and opted for a more earth-friendly light bulb. :) I love Mother Earth so much and I would definitely recommend this to my family especially now that they are giving them in a limited buy one take one offer. :)

  10. LED lights are so useful these days. It produces a light which is very bright and only uses a small amount of electricity. We were also supposed to use an LED bulb for our research project because of the small amount of electricty consumption.

  11. This became effective since there is this concept we call joule thief, faraday's law inside this bulb.

  12. Tiras de luces LED al por mayor, Neon LED Flex y Custom Neon Sign, también pueden proporcionar soluciones profesionales de luces LED inteligentes. flexión de neón led

  13. LED bulbs last much longer than incandescent bulbs, and they put out the same amount of light using significantly less energy. led strip manufacturers


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