Monday, January 19, 2015

Puerto Galera: A Romantic Dinner at The Brae of Infinity Resort

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Nightime is never boring at Puerto Galera because it's practically when a different kind of fun begins due to the nightlife that can be found in town. There's so many bars and restaurants offering both great food and drink choices, lots of entertainment that ranges from stand-up comedy skits to singing impersonators, and of course, the booze that will keep you awake and eventually drunk the whole night, and with a hang-over on the morning of the following day.

You'll see the fire dancers, also called or poi dancers, wearing skimpy clothes while seemingly risking their bare skin from the fire they're playing with. Some of them do get a little burned all in the line of work but it comes with the job of making sure the island visitors visit your place instead of the many competitors nearby.

But we were dead tired from all the activities that day that going to town was no longer part of our itinerary. We simply needed a good night's dinner, watch a few minutes of cable TV to update us on the news, check on our e-mails and social media accounts, then immediately go to sleep in our comfy beds to regain the energy needed for tomorrow's next set of activities.

Infinity Resort serves many culinary delicacies as we have already relayed from our past stories about them from our breakfast and lunch dining experiences, and so it applies similarly to a sumptuous dinner for that night.

Even at night, the Infinity Resort looks so marvelous mainly because of its architectural masterpieces. From the reception area, to the accommodations, to the infinity pool and jacuzzi, to the Malasimbo Spa, even the Estuary, and of course The Brae where we are pampered with awesome meals everyday.

You'll be enchanted with the romantic atmosphere of the Infinity Resort. The pool beckons us to dip into its waters even during the night. But we have to fight the temptation since we still have to follow a schedule tomorrow. We need all the rest we can get so we can appreciate tomorrow's activities.

Though its dangerous to visit the beach at this time of the night, the pool and jacuzzi is more than enough to satisfy your desire for a relaxing swim in the pool.

I think they serve dinner until 10 pm or if you do not want to disturb them, you can request to have your meals delivered in your room. The Brae is so elegant all over that the dim light at night time adds more sophistication to the place. They have a huge dining area that can seat several people and a kitchen equipped with the latest equipment. They even serve authentic Japanese dishes making them the finest Japanese restaurant in Puerto Galera.

We decided to seat beside the painting that displays the other property that the owner has at a different location. They were already doing the initial constructions on the place to make it an adventure farm that would be ideal for retreats or team-building activities. We visited it the following morning and now we are so excited of things to come soon. By this time, it's probably almost finish. I can't wait to go back to Puerto Galera to see it again!

The warmth of the Miso Soup gave us the much-needed sip to clear our throats, and the appetite to dig in to the main meals we ordered for the night. Of course we ordered different dishes that we haven't tried yet so we could get to try as many dishes possible.

Raw fish for my wife who loves sushi, the Sushi Platter was a great choice since she has somehow already grown fond of the Japanese culture and cuisines because aside from the English subject, she also officially teaches the Japanese language of Nihongo to her students. There were three kinds of fishes served that night and everyone was a delight. The dish was more than satisfying and big enough to feed two persons.

I ordered Grilled Squid for myself since I love anything grilled and from the sea. The grilled squid was tender enough for easy chewing, and since they've sliced it already in almost bite-size, it was conveniently ready for any hungry tummy. I would always include seafood in every meal especially now that I am desperately trying to go on a diet so I can loose a lot of unnecessary fat. My line of work gives me very little opportunities to exercise and since I am also a foodie, I have very little choice to refuse every chance to dine on many kinds of lavish dishes.

To taste even better, there's the yummy sauce included with the grilled squid. I loved how they made it a bit spicy since I adore spicy food anytime of the day.

I have to warn you that their pizza is enormous! Both on size and taste. We felt that we were still full from the lunch that we had that day that we were too frustrated we had to eat only a few slices of this amazing pizza. I wanted to have it for take-out but I realized we still have another day and night to spend before the final day of going home arrives. I hope the kitchen staff had a great time dining on this tasty pizza.

You'll notice we keep ordering smoothies for drinks as they are really our favorites.We will never miss on the chance to order similar drinks since its much filling to have a icy concoction mixed with our favorite Oreos cookies, chocolate syrups and ube.

The dessert above was an effort in preparation. Just look at how they presented this sweet treat.  Mangoes, cherries, chocolate ice cream and some whipped cream on top - the makings of a sweet delectable dessert. I know I am trying to prevent myself from getting any fatter, but it looked too good to decline.

Something familiar for dessert, I would always order Halo-Halo so I could compare it with the rest from the many restaurants I've tasted the same sweet cold treat. I'm happy to report that The Brae's Halo-Halo passes the foodie standard for desserts.

Overall, there are really not enough words to express how grateful we are for the opportunity to be here at Puerto Galera's Infinity Resort and get to dine at their fabulous restaurant called The Brae. Kudos to the chefs for coming up with culinary masterpieces suiting for such an equally magnificent resort.

Thank you The Brae of Infinity Resort for the spectacular dinner. We had a tummy full that night and were not able to finish everything especially the pizza that was surprisingly a huge serving that's too much for the two of us.

We even had to take with us our desserts and tried to finish them at our room while doing our nightly routine of checking our text messages, email and social media accounts. Our dining experience at Infinity Resort was truly an epic gastronomic adventure.

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