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Kitchen Diaries Cafe: Our Food, Your Story

Dear Wazzup Pilipinas diary,

I have a wonderful story to tell about a promising new neighborhood restaurant which could very well offer almost everything you could think of. They are actually just a few months old and in a stage of experimenting to find out which of their dishes would click to their customers.

Our visit at their restaurant a few nights ago was labeled as a food coma for we were so overwhelmed with  many interesting dishes from their menu, including the over abundance of sweets that our sugar level rose to an all-time high! The owners really pampered us to the extreme. We were actually surprised that they have so many food choices. At first look you would think they would only have sweet treats like cupcakes and cookies, but we were all wrong about that assumption.

There's an old saying that we should not judge a book by its cover, and we learned that the hard way. Their cutesy facade and display of sweet treats were just the cherries on top of the Black Forest cake. A closer inspection of the establishment introduced us to the many culinary delicacies that seem to magically came out from their kitchen.

Aside from the sugar-filled snacks, they also have filling main dishes fit for every time of the day may it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. So you better start thinking beyond the usual cakes, krinkles, krunchies, choco pops, and other assortment of sweets for there are so much to discover at Kitchen Diaries Cafe.

Situated among the many other restaurants within Barangay Kapitolyo of Pasig City, Kitchen Diaries Cafe dared to compete among the existing restaurants which already made a name for themselves. During our visit, the owners confidently showed off their stuff hoping they were competitive enough to match or exceed everyone's expectations. With such a little place and a small team, they just have so many things to offer that we worry it may be too difficult for them to keep all food, drink and dessert choices available when customers ask for them.

But almost all restaurants passed through the same process of identifying which dishes sell. I guess its  good to see many choices so you can try out all of them and eventually pick a favorite. The hard part is making sure your stock or inventory will be able to supply all demands.

Some would try serving only a selected few that they believe would be a hit. However, it's the customers that has the final say as of which of the dishes will really stand out.

With a light colored facade and interiors, the pastel hues of the restaurants is reminiscent of our rooms when we were young. Stepping inside reveals other decorative items that evoke a sentimental aura.

Do you see those inspirational sayings hanging on one wall of the restaurant? Governed by a few motto or personal motivations, the owners believe in the power of positive thinking and clean living. They are obviously dreamers filled with creativity and imagination.

The owners also said they are planning to dedicate one side of their wall to contain photos of their frequent customers. This is significant of how they value and appreciate their loyal customers.

The restaurant is still undergoing continuous improvement. I think they still plan to put up a menu with photos of the food for the convenience of those ordering so they could easily visualize what their dishes look like.

The little restaurant also has a small area they call a coffee bar where they concoct amazing artisan coffee-based drinks. It is quite surprising what delightful drinks are produced from this little area of the restaurant. If you'll pay attention on how your drinks were done, you'll see that each were ceremoniously created with utmost care and love.

They would call themselves KID as an alias or shorter version of their name. This will be easily remembered and mentioned to friends and peers especially when satisfied customer share the news by either word of mouth or online through social media.

The Iced Tea is good enough to quench your thirst especially during the hotter days. This is among the better ones that can cool you down from the heat.

Buffalo Wings
The Buffalo Wings has the right amount of spice that's tolerable even without rice. This is a huge serving that's probably good enough for two to three persons. The original menu comes with nachos but you may request rice instead.

Sticky Chops

You'll be impressed with the Sticky Chops because it is literally sticky but sweet honey-glazed pork chops. This dish comes with buttered corn and carrots aside from the steamed rice. You might want to order extra rice since the meat is so tasty that you will surely be tempted to eat more.

Toasted Angus Corned Beef
The Toasted Angus Corned Beef is a superb all-day breakfast choice with scrambled egg and bacon garlic fried rice. Though I would prefer my eggs sunny-side up to perfectly matched the crispy Angus beef strips.

No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake
I can eat the heavenly No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake everyday. It reminds me a lot of my favorite home made refrigerated cakes or more popularly called Graham cakes that we often make during special occasions. I would often use peaches or mangoes as my fruit fillings and toppings, and serve it with chocolate syrup per slice. It practically disappears immediately within the same day it was prepared because its highly addicting.

This cool and creamy frozen blueberry goodness dessert is phenomenal! I would highly recommend this to anyone as a great after meal dessert.

It was mentioned earlier that Kitchen Diaries Cafe also serves several choices of drinks coming from their Coffee Bar. Some of these drinks are artisinal frappes and hot drinks like Nutella Ferrero Frappe, Speculoos Frappe, Snickers Frappe, Banoffee Frappe, Flat White, Choco Nutella, Cafe Choc-Nut, Hot Coco and the Milo Bomb.

I can't recall the exact names of all the drinks presented to us and couldn't really judge on all their actual taste since we got to taste only one drink per person. Mine was the Snickers Frappe that was really good. No bitter taste at all. Too bad they saved the best for last that's why the last ones given a drink got the best ones in the resto.

You'll notice that there's art in everything they prepare, and what's really overwhelming is the many food choices especially with the desserts.

All smiles for the drink with a very  interesting concept
Someone is already feeling sleepy while fellow blogger Tinsley mixes her drink

Our dining experience at Kitchen Diaries Cafe would not be complete until we've tried out their many dessert choices. It was like a festival of sweets all meant for us. Too bad I don't have room for more so I settled for a bite or two of each. Everyone was favorable but of course I had my favorite focused on the earlier No Bake Blueberry Chessecake.

However, I do not really know if my choice was influenced by the inability to further go on eating because I was already full .... more likely bloated.

Thank you to Kitchen Diaries Cafe for an awesome feast. I was too full that I felt it would last until next day's dinner time. I really wanted to go on eating but the body was just too weak even though the mind keeps convincing me to try everything.

Resistance was futile earlier that day. I keep grabbing a bite of almost everything from the dessert buffet table until I finally gave up. I now regret filling my self up with the earlier dishes. My strategy should have been just taking in one or two bites only.

Congrats to the owners of Kitchen Diaries Cafe and more power to their cafe business. I'm sure they have more stories to tell soon as they continue to actively engage with their customers.

Until next time! Here's hoping they soon grow big and be lined up among the big restaurateurs.

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