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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: The Window

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Julius’s ghost talked to Andrew that night and told him how he was and gave him a talk about life and sacrifice. The next morning, Andrew asked the nurse to open the window and asked her to tell him what was happening outside. The nurse said there was nothing outside but the ruins of an old school. Andrew just smiled."
Sacrifice is sometimes the “best escape route” to problems. If you can’t let go of something, let yourself go. Nothing is permanent in this world, so it means that in time, everything will fade away.

We can see in this story that the individual (pertaining to our character named Julius) decided for himself. He sacrificed himself for the betterment of others and to give importance to life. As an individual, he elaborated his core values of being a defeated person and he gave his own light to shine in others’ darkness. He is determined by his own free will and he had a choice for himself. His individuality transcends towards the bounds of dependency which can be found in the part where he was called for surgery. He did not hesitate and he knew he made a good choice for himself.

As for Andrew, our other character, he served as a contrast for Julius. He was dependent. He was in his darkness and only receives the light from somebody. His uncapability for independence was flourishing throughout the story, so as to enhance Julius’s character (irregardless of his age).

Below is our original short story for the day.

I am but a soul named Andrew Dunsworth travelling this world blindfolded but there was my friend, by the name of Julius Reagan, who became my guide with his tiny speck of light.

We were at the hospital room for weeks. He was the only guy I could talk to. Despite of the age gap, he certainly can jive in. He was 63, I was 39. He became my best buddy.

“There’s this boy with the flowers… here comes the girl. He gives it… dang! She threw out the flowers. Those were roses, I think. Roses, kid! Does she know how much roses cost? Poor little kid.” Julius said.

“She wants a ring for sure,” I laughed, “What’s happening now?” I then asked.

He doesn’t answer. I can hear the sounds of fighting outside the window he’s looking from. I can also hear the jolly ring of the bell from an ice cream cart. It was a sunny day, I can feel it. The girl obviously wants a ring. But never mind, I should mind my own business.

“So, after the surgery, what’re you gonna do?” I asked him instead.

Julius was scheduled for leg surgery. He was a cancer patient and the doctor said that he only has a 50/50 chance of survival. On the other hand, I’m blind and also scheduled for eye surgery.

“I’m gonna stay or go home. Nothing stays permanent, you know. I have a family to take care of.”

“And if you don’t survive?”

“Well, hell’s gonna pay for my hospital bills.” he chuckled, “But kidding aside, I’ll just accept my fate. Nothing stays permanent at all. Everybody fades out. They’ll just have to move on without me.” He answered without hesitation.

“But, isn’t it too selfish to leave your responsibilities behind? You’re not gonna fight for your life?”

“I’ve already fought for it for the last 15 years. I’ve been in the Navy. I already fought for a lot of things. I think it’s time to accept defeat.”

Nothing stays permanent at all. I wonder if any of these days I’ll accept that thought.

“Well, look at that! The girl gets back. Oh, oh! He got down on one knee… and, and…” he got excited as he continued.

I hear people piling up. The rapid scrunching of the grass, and the low chatters.

“Then what?” I asked in excitement.

“Wait… they had the big kiss! Nice shot, boy!”

I laughed. “Told you she wants the ring.”

I heard him lie down again on his bed. “I need to rest just a few minutes before the nurse gets me.”

We closed our eyes for a moment then we heard the door open.

“Mr. Reagan, you’re up for surgery.”

“It’s time,” he chuckled, “see you if I see you still.” I heard him sit on a wheelchair.

He got my hand and held it firmly.

“Good luck, my friend.” I smiled at him and he let me go.

The next few moments I was thinking and thinking. When my time comes, will it be good or not? I don’t know if I’ll be excited or not.

After a few hours, I heard someone came in. Oh, it was our nurse, Michelle. I heard her setting our plates. I usually hear two clanks even if we have our appointments to the doctor. But today, I only heard one. I think I know why.

But instead I still asked, “Why only one plate?”

Michelle answered, “He didn’t make it.”

There was it. He accepted his defeat. A strong man he was.

I felt tears welled up inside me. I just lost a friend. This just proves that even the strongest people cannot overpower fate.

I was silent all throughout the day. I thought about how I can see the world again. Through him, I can see it as a better place. A colorful reverie.

Night time fell. I was about to sleep and close my mind to all the things that happened. Suddenly, I heard the door open and heard footsteps toward me. I heard someone sit on the bed beside me, which previously was Julius’s.

And then I heard him talk. It was surprising because he sounded so well and healthy.

“Listen kid, don’t talk. I want you to hear everything I will say.

Defeat is not always that bad. There are kinds of defeat that are practically good. Such as love and death. Two entirely different things, but share the same benefit. It feels so good here right now. It’s nirvana, kid. More beautiful than this hospital room. I’m hoping that you’ll come to accept your defeat. As I always say, ‘Nothing stays permanent.’

But you know what? I found something that stays permanent. It’s your memories, kid. Memories are the only things that can stay permanent. ‘Cause you cherish them. You enliven them and reminisce most of the time. Got that? So, I gotta go. You need some rest. I’m sorry, kid. I might be selfish but sometimes sacrifice is the best escape route. Sleep.”

And then I drifted off to a deep sleep.

The next morning, I was light-headed and still shocked of last night’s talk. What could he possibly mean? Did he imply that I’m gonna die soon?

I heard the door open and wheels turning.

“Breakfast.” Michelle said.

I heard the clank and was still expecting another clank but no, nothing followed.

I wanted to know what’s happening outside the window. A last taste of happiness and vivid colors before I deal with reality inside closed, white walls.

“Nurse, could you do me a favor?”

“Sure, Andrew.”

“Could you please look out the window and tell me what’s happening outside?”

I heard her steps toward the window and she lifted the venetian blinds.

“But sir... there is nothing outside but the ruins of the old school.”

I understood it quickly, and just smiled.

That’s it.

Contributed by
Mikaela Foronda

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  1. I loved how the story focuses on the significance of existence and friendship. It tells us the importance of life and the courage to face the possible failures. Like what Julius said, everything is temporary but memories will stay eternally.

  2. This story was written excellently, It was very clear and shows a lot of emotions. It also shows a lot of lessons that we can apply in our daily lives.

  3. Nice story. It was well narrated. Keep it up!

  4. The story was well written. It’s unique and the choice of words is good.


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