Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Remembering Robin Williams with The Angriest Man in Brooklyn Special Advance Screening

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The Angriest Man in Brooklyn is said to be Robin Williams' last movie and it coincidentally also deals with depression or somewhat like mid-life crisis. Robin plays Henry Altmann, always unhappy and angry at the world including everyone in it. He is the kind of person who always find fault from everyone. Later he learns from Doctor Sharon Gill, played by Mila Kunis, that he has brain aneurym and that he only has 90 minutes to live. Shocked by this news, he goes out into the world trying to do his best to correct hi past mistakes the best way he can. However, he was also fixated on killing himself before the sad fate of losing his life. Everyone else involved in his life, like his wife and son, along with the doctor, goes out on a search for "The Angriest Man in Brooklyn."

We watched these story developments of the movie unfold while being pampered at the Foot Massage Lounge located at the 2nd Level of Forum South Global at Bonifacio Global City. We were treated to a soothing massage, coupled by some chips, peanuts, sandwich and cola for snacks.

The Foot Massage Lounge is a little massage place that specializes on pampering your foot, and giving a little bit of this and that all over your body. They have such a cute ad cozy place that will totally relax you. Their large wide screen TVs can have your favorite movies playing while their staff work on you.

Octo Arts Films will be showing the movie at theaters on August 20, 2014, that's today, to remember Robin Williams. As we all know, the comedian actor apparently killed himself. He was found hanging at his place and was declared as a suicide brought about by depression.

I intentionally took a photo of the movie poster backwards by taking it from the mirror reflection. Why? because I believe that when you feel life treats you so bad, it feels like your world goes tipsy, topsy-turvy and backwards. You feel the whole world hates you that you want to hide under a rock. When there's nowhere else to hide, you then feel the urge to go extreme.

I believe that when one man ends his life, it was not just an announcement that he is frustrated of what has happened to his life, but also about what has happened to the world around him, at least with his immediate acquaintances and surroundings. It was a call for attention. "Hey, I am fed up with my life, yours and the world!"

The news shocked the whole world. Robin was one of my favorite comedians who was very successful in making me laugh in most of his movies. I still remember how he started at a TV series show called Mork and Mindy, and how he rise to stardom as one of the the world's most admired actor-comedian. He was great at Hook, where he played as the grown-up Peter Pan, he was stunning at his non-comical films as well. He will surely be missed.

The movie was so coincidental of what happened in real life that we couldn't help but somehow think the movie motivated him to end his life using his own hands. Depression got into him that we can't help but wonder what could have been so miserable and tragic for him to lose appreciation of life.

I guess life is really well-balanced because we can see that no matter how successful one is, no matter how high we rise to fame and fortune, there would always be something holding us back and pushing us  downward, trying to keep our feet ion the ground.

It is very unfortunate that Robin did not have enough self-control to remain sane and logical. We should remember that life is too short already for us to end it so soon.

Thank you to Faye Trinidad of the Foot Massage Lounge, Posh nails, and Octo Arts Films for the opportunity to see the movie ahead of everyone else. We would love to attend similar activities like this again.

Thank you for the treats but I really couldn't get myself to eat while watching the movie. It was so heart-breaking and surprising that the man who actually made most of us laugh all throughout his acting career would end up being among the miserable people who decides to leave this world so suddenly.

I hate thinking of the reasons why. I do have my own share of failures, regrets, frustrations, tragedies and chaos in life but I have not yet come to the point of giving up. I know there would be more opportunities to bounce back to success if we persist and continue to think positive.

I had to bring home not only the sandwich, but also a lot of sadness, thinking I am luckier, but feeling sorry for those that were not as strong as me.

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