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Smile! It’s a Month of Love and Dental Health

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Focus on overall oral hygiene is of utmost importance this February because aside from being the love month, we are also celebrating the National Dental Health Month.

”Dental hygiene plays an important role in love and romance as well as in day-to-day living,” stresses Me-Ann Achacoso, Philips Consumer Lifestyle Business Development Manager for Health and Wellness.

Always, a smile is the first thing people notice when we are introduced, and this creates a lasting impression. And a great smile owes largely to white teeth. We are often beguiled by white teeth in a smile, and rightly so. This is a sign of good health and nutrition and proper dental hygiene. Evolutionary science explains to us that this a good sign in finding a mate. But a smile and white teeth also play subtle but important part in everyday life.

The importance of a smile

“Flashed at the right time, a smile can help make favorable impressions during job interviews and similar situations,” says Achacoso. “White teeth are a good sign of health as well as your commitment to maintaining it.”

Moreover, she also says that knowing that you have white teeth boosts your confidence, making you self- assured, and people respond to you positively and smile back.

“Thus, it is important we keep our teeth white,” the Achacoso avers.

However, it is inevitable that teeth can get yellow over time, she says. This is aggravated if you smoke a lot or drink lots of coffee. Also, dental hygiene is sometimes neglected.

The dental clinic regularly offers teeth whitening services, and there are a wide range of products at the stores that promises teeth-whitening effects. One is advised to visit a dentist for professional dental recommendations and feedback.

Zooming on whiteness

“Many reliable dentists use and recommend Philips Zoom,” Achacoso says.

“Patients have different needs when it comes to whitening, and Philips Zoom is expertly designed to address these needs,” she explains. “Many patients request their dentist to use Philips Zoom. In fact, over 10 million patients have already used Zoom to achieve brighter, healthier smiles.”

One can opt for a chair side whitening treatment in a dental clinic with Philips Zoom. This is the quickest and easiest way to effectively whiten your teeth. It uses a patented Zoom Whitening gel and a Philips Zoom lamp to bleach the teeth, bringing out a bright sparkling white smile that makes a big impression. Philips Zoom is the only chair side whitening system that has variable intensity setting so each treatment can be customized to maximize patient comfort. The procedure also includes desensitizers to help minimize sensitivity and protect your enamel. This dentist-supervised procedure is safe, effective and clinically proven to whiten up to eight shades in just one visit.

“For whitening at home, Philips offer Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite,” Achacoso informs. “These products can whiten teeth in seven to 14 days. Moreover, they are the only at-home whitening products to contain amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP), which is clinically proven to reduce sensitivity, protect enamel and help improve the luster and smoothness of the teeth.”

Zoom at-home whitening products are completely customizable. Your dentist creates a custom tray made just for you and can tailor the formula concentration and wear times to your sensitivity and lifestyle.

To maintain white teeth between treatments, Philips recommends the Zoom Whitening Pen, which maintains whiteness with just two applications a day.

Maintaining white teeth is not just vanity, says Achacoso. It should be part of your daily health habits, and you reap the rewards in many ways.

Maintaining that great smile

For continued stain removal and maintaining healthy teeth and gums, a range of Sonicare power toothbrushes are available for your choice. One is Sonicare EasyClean. It is proven remove plaque better than manual brushes.

Sonicare EasyClean is an important arsenal in combating decay that may ruin your smile as well as your overall health.

Brushing must be a part of the daily hygiene to keep the teeth white and the mouth healthy, but one has to do it properly to reap its benefits. Dentists recommend doing it at least twice a day with a good toothbrush with gentle bristles. And each brushing must be done for about two minutes, taking care to clean every tooth thoroughly. With the fast pace of living nowadays and unmindfully, most adults are not able to achieve the required time in brushing as well as do it properly.

But with the help of Sonicare EasyClean power toothbrush, the unsavory consequences of our sweet indulgences can be prevented. This rechargeable power toothbrush enables one to keep track of the length of time in brushing. Moreover, it has a host of features that promises to remove up to twice more plaque than a manual toothbrush so that you can further enjoy life’s sweet luxuries and help remove and reduce stains on your teeth for a brighter smile.

Firstly, the Sonicare EasyClean has a unique dynamic cleaning action that gently and effectively reaches deep between teeth and along the gum line, driving fluid between the teeth. This ensures a thorough cleaning. It can reach a speed of up to 31,000 brushstrokes per minute, something that is hard to do manually.

For those hard-to-reach areas, Philips Sonicare EasyClean brush head neck is angled, making it easier to reach back teeth and other areas.

A Quadpacer interval timer further encourages thorough brushing. This is a 30-second interval timer which indicates when you have completed each quadrant of your mouth and signals for you to move on resulting in more consistent cleaning throughout your mouth. And to ensure that you brush your teeth at the recommended amount of time, it has a timer set to two minutes.

First-timers need not fret as Philips Sonicare EasyClean has an easy-start program to acclimate yourself to the Sonicare experience. It gently increases power over first 14 uses until you feel at ease. People with braces, dental restorations and periodontal pockets may rest well as it is clinically proven safe and gentle even with these conditions.

With consistent use of Philips Sonicare EasyClean, you can get rid of those stubborn plaques easier and more effectively, helping improve the health of your gums, and experience whiter teeth as it can whiten teeth up to two shades in two weeks!

The love month’s indulgence need not make a crack on your dental health as long as you observe proper dental hygiene and use Philips Sonicare EasyClean. You can indulge your sweet tooth as often as you want with Philips Sonicare EasyClean at hand. Now, that is something to smile about.

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