Friday, December 20, 2013

Cosplays for the Teens: Expressing Your Hidden Identity

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People around the world have different styles of expressing what’s inside of them. It could be something common or something unusual depending upon the era they grew. Sometimes, their expressions might not be easy to understand because, our sets of mind are unique to each other.

There are people that are said to be incomplete in terms of his or her identity. That identity is pent deep inside of his or her core, where it really wants to burst but it is still undiscovered by the owner. Normally, this occurs during adolescence where they are now said to be in the right time of thinking. Well, I heard about cosplay.

Cosplay. It’s a term that’s been on the mouth of almost every geek lately. It is surrounded by controversy. People love it, hate it, live it and breathe it, or simply accept it. There are parts that are not much accepted by community because of some reasons.

Cosplay or costume play is dressing up and pretending to be a fictional character (from anime, manga, video games, comic books, and films). Actually, I’m not a fan of cosplay but the characters they pretend. Well, I can say that cosplays for teens can be a way of expressing hidden identity. How? Let’s play a little game, identify the hidden identity.

First the costume, the root of all. Most cosplayers create their own outfits where they exert effort and time for details and qualities. From the shoe up the head, their design stands up. What could be the hidden identity? Creativity!

Some teens say that if they do such things that require awesome outcomes, they say that it might not be good but in the other side they can do it actually, just a little imagination. Next, the presentation. The cosplayer put himself in the shoes of the character his pretending. They adopt the mannerisms of a character in public.

What could be the hidden identity? Self-esteem and being confident! Some teens are not feeling good in front of crowd where if fact they can. Look, many hidden identity are unleash due to this activity.

Cosplaying, cosplaying, cosplaying… For me, cosplaying for teens is a key for fictional character fans to express their selves, a good point for them. I just want to say that maybe it is better if they are act as himself or herself because it is special if you do it by yourself, a gain of identity if you discovered by yourself, right, we're on the real world. Maybe fictional characters are inspiration for us to know ourselves. They have own personality in the storyline.

And what about you? Why do you cosplay? Why do you not cosplay? Are you contented what you are? Do you know who you really are? #Cosplay #Exposeyourself #Nothingishidingfromme

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  1. I disagree that cosplay is the best way to develop one's self-confidence. How could they help themselves, the teens, if they know that they are just portraying another character? They act at the back of one big and famous face. They can be called Hypocrite at some point. And not all teens can be capable of joining cosplay because this has a lot of expenses, some can't afford this kind of activity. But anyway, I am not against the cosplay. It is not the best way but it can also help teens to discover their hidden identity. They may not know how good they are in acting. And aside from that, they may also see what attitude and everything suits them by trying different personalities in cosplays. And lastly, this is definitely for teens because it was interesting and attractive, it would be easier to encourage them to join something like this. After all of my opinions I've said, I still respect those who personally want and love cosplays, either a fan or a costume player, judging and criticizing them is not my point. :)


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