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39th Metro Manila Film Festival: Star-Studded But Too Commercialized?

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"What's clear is that the entire film was rushed through production. It's also pretty obvious that people were less concerned about telling a story than selling products. The film regularly stops everything for blatant product placement. Aiza Seguerra shills for Ariel detergent. Bimby Aquino eats a whole plate of Lucky Me Pancit Canton. Vic Sotto teaches us the difference between two kinds of Solmux available in the market. The story starts feeling like an afterthought, its emotional core lost in a wave of vulgar commercialism." - PULPOLitika
Do you agree?

When Vice Ganda was asked if he (or she) preferred a blockbuster hit or a multi-awarded film, the comedian answered "blockbuster".

Isn't it apparent?

No wonder that an action film that chronicles a senator's hours on the run nabbed 14 trophies including the Best Picture award at the 39th Metro Manila Film Festival. "Wala man sa amin ang salapi, na sa amin ang karangalan,"  says actor Robin Padilla.

It is disappointing to hear negative news and reviews about Filipino movies. It is also disappointing to find out that our movie makers are more interested in gaining a profit rather than a recognition. It seems majority of the movie makers are still just after the money and not the quality. The content and story becomes the last priority and the "stars popularity"  are just the investment factor to attract potential viewers to check out the movie.
"The MMFF is right around Christmas, and most people just want to either laugh, or be scared; not many people want to think. Personally, I kinda don't want to see a movie about a still-alive politician, I feel like it's too self-serving. Either that, or Robin has lost his box-office touch."- Jeebs Unabia

Comedy and fantasy (this includes horror) movies are the most watched and celebrated entries, especially during the MMFF because the season is for the kids and the young-at-hearts who want to see their celebrity idols flaunt their pretty faces and fumble all over themselves just to gain a few laughs and "kilig" moments in the much bigger screen as compared to TV.

It is no surprise that the Vic Sotto, Ryzza Mae Dizon and Bimby Aquino movie My Little Bossings, followed by Vice Ganda's Girl, Boy, Bakal, Tomboy, next in line is Pagpag starred by teen idols Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, and not so far behind is Kimmy Dora by Eugene Domingo are blockbuster hits mainly because of its big lead stars. However, they only lead in the movie ticket sales, but lag behind in the awards.

I was also surprised how the rest of the movies won awards. I think only Robin Padilla's 10,000 Hours was worthy of an award. Do you believe me?

"Someone tell me: what the heck is wrong? I see billboards of this movie. Everyone can easily see what the 8 entries are. What is wrong with our viewing public? Or is the audience too comfortable, ergo willing to pay only for the familiar?" - Leon Flores III

The only way to prove my point is for you to watch the movies themselves, and compare it with foreign or Hollywood movies. Is it not a proper comparison? Like comparing apples to "aratiles"?

The reason why there are still bad movies around? We patronize them just because they have big stars, and take for granted how important it is to have quality movies that are pleasing to all our senses, including our minds that are starting to get brainwashed by too much commercialism.
"One theory I have is that we have never made quality movies that are not too gritty, sad, and depressing. The great Filipino movies are usually about social problems, in-your-face-poverty. But what if we make movies that have underlying social value without being too heavy (example: 3 Idiots of Bollywood)? Most of the movies that get attention and sales are yes, familiar. But their most common factors are that they are all light, funny (even if they are cheaply funny), and help people momentarily escape their own realities."- Reese Fernandez-Ruiz

We all deserve better movies - we may not yet excel in highly-advanced technological wonders and effects but we should at least produce movies with stories that are captivating and thought-provoking.

There's already too much commercials and ads in television. Imagine spending more than half of the total time in one TV show just to see the advertisements. Could the movie makers spare us in the films that they create? In the long run, we will all benefit from it.

But if you're so "mababaw" and you easily get satisfaction from low-quality films that would eventually turn you slowly into a mindless being all eager to just accept whatever is thrown at you, then you're better off as a trash bin.

If they are no good, let us tell the people responsible in making these lousy movies to improve their craft and let us please do less sugar coating.
"The Joyce Bernal action-drama “10,000 Hours” is the most awarded entry but is among the least watched of the eight competing films in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. Loosely based on the life story of former Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson, “10,000 Hours” romped off with most of the trophies, including best picture, at the awards ceremony held at the Meralco Theater in Pasig City" - Inquirer Online

39th Metro Manila Film Festval list of winners:

New Wave Best Student Short Film Special Jury Prize - #NoFilter by Mapua Institute of Technology
New Wave Short Film Best Picture - Ang Paglisan
Animation Jury Prize - Ang Lalong ni Kulakong
Best Animated Picture - Kaleh and Mbaki
Best Festival Float - Boy Golden
Youth Choice Film Award - Pagpag
Best New Wave Film Director - Armando Lao (Dukit)
Special Jury Prize- Mga Anino ng Kahapon
Best Picture for New Wave Full Length - Dukit
Best Actress for New Wave - Agot Isidro (Mga Anino ng Kahapon)
Best Actor for New Wave - Bambalito Lacap, Willy Layug, Bor Ocampo (Dukit)
Best Child Performer- Ryzza Mae Dizon (My Little Bossings)
Best Sound Engineer - Emmanuel Clemente (10,000 Hours)
Best Musical Score - Teresa Barrozo (10,000 Hours)
Best Theme Song- My Little Bossings
Best Make-up - Pagpag
Best Visual Effects - 10,000 Hours
Best Production Design - 10,000 Hours
Best Editor- Maria Ignacio - 10,000 Hours
Best Cinematographer - 10,000 Hours
Most Gender-sensitive Film - Island Dreams (New Wave)
Most Gender-sensitive Film - Hintayin mo sa Seq.24 (Students Category)
Most Gender-sensitive Film - Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy (Main)

Special Recognition Award- Ronnie Ricketts (OMB)
FPJ Memorial Award for Exellence- 10,00 Hours

Best Story - 10,000 Hours
Best Screenplay - 10,000 Hours
Best Director - Joyce Bernal for 10,000 Hours
Gat Puno Villegas Cultural Award - 10,000 Hours
3rd Best Picture Award- My Little Bossings
2nd Best Picture Award - Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy
Best Picture - 10,000 Hours
Best Supporting Actor - Pen Medina (10,000 Hours)
Best Supporting Actress - Aiza Seguerra (My Little Bossings)
Best Actor - Robin Padilla (10,000 Hours)
Best Actress - Maricel Soriano (Boy, Girl, Bakla, Tomboy)

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  1. It is true that the 39th MMFF last year is way too commercialized. It is pretty obvious that they are using that as a way of promoting their endorsed products. The way they present it to the people often makes it "corny" because the people are led out of the flow of the story. It is depressing that our movies and "teleseryes" became too commercialized this day. I hope it can be less commercialized next time.

  2. I agree with you. The implementation of the program of the 39th Metro Manila Film Festival: Full of stars but too commercialized did not have a great impact on the public but on the contrary, lost the image of the actors. doodle baseball


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