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Silk Road of Thai Bistro : Another Great Reason Why You Need to Try Out Thai

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Never did it came into my mind that they will be calling a meal a "Son-In-Law". Well, I guess the newly-opened Silk Road Thai restaurant at Bonifacio Global City wants to be a little more creative and intriguing for their customers.

Silk Road is actually owned by the same people responsible for one of the best Thai restaurant in Manila, Thai Bistro. The brains behind this new Thai restaurant is no other than Chef Cecille who has gone a lot more creative and fancy with her new baby. She has been focusing her strength to make this new restaurant unlike no other.

Well she boasts of being the only Thai restaurant with top-class menu, authentic Thai ingredients, and food and beverage consultants.

Another Thai restaurant? The difference is that there is a bit more fusion in her dishes here, and the ambiance was specifically designed more for an intimate day with your special someones. Unlike the Thai Bistro at Robinsons Magnolia which is a family restaurant, Silk Road is an ideal place where you are more inclined to take your partner and propose, and most likely get a resounding "yes" as an answer.

This is also where you will take your friends or colleagues to impress them over a night at the bar wit a wide selection of drinks after a sumptuous Thai cuisine. Now, if that isn't first-class, I don't know what is.

The first photo above is something like their version of what reminds me a lot about my hometown "balut or duck eggs with a hairy fetus inside....but don't worry, their meal doesn't have a little duck with its feathers and beak. It's a six piece delicacy, actually make that 3 eggs sliced into two, and really tasty like a cross between a "balut and a "penoy". A "penoy" taste similar to "balut" but without the duck fetus. But since the "balut" is more popular, that is what first came into mind.

The meal actually has some sort of thicker outer covering like its been partially deep-fried, but I really do not know how they cooked it. Let's just say its like tasting a fried egg outer layer texture.

As usual, the event started witn a serving of our choice of drinks. I had to order two drinks one after the other because I was too thirsty after walking my way to the Silk Road restaurant since the BGC buses don't stop directly infront of the establishment.

The Siam Roti was always my favorite starter. You have a choice between buttered or herbed roti served with two types of sauces.

The cut-in-half crispy Thai Spring Rolls  were served with sweet chili sauce. It's like the Pinoy "Lumpia" but a lot better.

I believe they have the Thai Ravioli also back at the Thai Bistro restaurant. Who wouldn't remember this dish made of freshly made steamed rice paper, sesame beef, shitake mushroom. A must have, to start your meal.

The Soi Langsuan was a it spicy for my taste. It was composed of seared salmon flaked on green mango, apple bits, and heart of palm in coco lime garlic sauce. I couldn't really say I enjoyed it because there are salads I loved better. They could probably tone down of the spiciness.

The Siamese Pork Ribs was grilled cinnamon caramel pork ribs. I liked the taste but it was too sweet for me. They should just lessen the sweetness and this will be perfect. Though kids will enjoy the sweetness as is.

I think a Thai restaurant visit is not complete without ordering the Pad Thai composed of rice noodles, pork, shrimps, egg and bean sprouts.

This meal comes with four condiments to add taste, though I did not bother using them since the meal was good enough as it is.

The Kha, fish fillet tossed in caramelized ginger chili sauce, had an appealing flavor I definitely won't get bored eating every now and then. I would gladly order this meal if I want to satisfy a hungry stomach.

The Hormok is steamed fish fillet in curry mousse. At first, I thought it looked like a "siopao", or a "puto" hehehe...but I guess I only think of steamed for Chinese food like "siomai". Steaming was an interesting way to prepare this dish since you are assured it is healthy because it wasn't cooked in oil.

The Lamb Shank Massaman is a meal where the lamb was slowly cooked for eight (8) hours thus making it soft and easy to chew. The meat easily separated from the bone. I was more concentrated tasting the delightful goodness of the meat that was served with crispy noodles, sweet potato chips and shallots. I think the sauce underneath was also curry-based.

The Silk Road Dessert Sampler was a little bit of everything that's sweet and yummy. I enjoyed everything except for the one in the middle that taste like frozen "sago". My favorite among the samplers is the first one that is like a custard cake.

My final say for Silk Road? Similar to Thai Bistro, the dishes were impressive but of course there were some that didn't really gave the "kick" that I was looking for. I've been to many restaurant already yet majority of them was not as good as the Silk Road experience.

However, I kinda loved my dining experience at Thai Bistro more because I was able to enjoy my meal there along with some members of my family (my two kids). The Thai Bistro was more cozy looking for a family lunch or dinner.

Silk Road will cater better to the young urban professionals who would love to have a great meal and drink merrily afterwards until the we hours of the night.

I will surely recommend this restaurant to my friends and colleagues.

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