Saturday, May 11, 2013

Witch Hunters Versus Blogger : Comics Coming Out Soon

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Warning: This interview is purely fictional but may seem real-life because of certain similarities with existing personalities. However, it was purely coincidental and should not be assumed as intentional. Though it may obviously seem factual, I tried to make it somehow satirical.

Incidentally, we will be coming out with a comics version soon. So calling all comic artists who would like to contribute. We will appreciate your creativity and talent.

Interview with a Blogger

Question: Could you please tell something about yourself, especially for those who do not know you yet.

Answer: I am a newbie blogger who used to "blog" for "Whine and Manira" and admins for "Blogapaloozer Bloggers". However, after several articles (you wouldn't see my name as the author anymore because they remove my name and was replaced with just "Whine and Manira Contributor" ), and plenty of personal reasons, I am now just focusing on my blogs called "What's That Pilipinut" and "Pinoy Tekkie Tekkie Muna" which also has Pacebook pages with the same name. I also organize events for bloggers and companies where I coordinate with different establishments to help them promote their products, services, venues and other things. Lately I now have newspaper and TV contributions. Before blogging, I used to contribute for printed and online magazines.

Question: Why did you stopped blogging for "Whine and Manira"?

Answer: I lost my admiration towards the blog, its owner and its managing admins due to the following reasons:

1. I've learned about the terrible treatment they gave to a certain blogger whom they humiliated online thru "Twitcher", and then announced her removal from the group in the Pacebook group page.

2. They started throwing complaints coming from unrevealed sources and did not allowed an opportunity to defend thru proper inquiry. The big chunk of the disappointment was when they started giving penalties without any form of investigation. "Nahatulan agad ng wala man lang maayos na pag-iimbestiga. Ano ko bayani?"

3, They would not allow big time companies to be blogged unless they become a media partner and  contribute "mani" to their blog. Ayaw nila ng "cornick" lang.

4. They say they you are falsely representing when you transact with groups or companies for "Whine and Manira" yet they provide letters and other documentations to their writers to represent "Whine and Manira." Conflicting na nakakalito pero pwede naman ikaw maki-sosyo daw thru commission basis na lang.

To be continued....with comics to boot!

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