Sunday, April 4, 2021

Space Jam: A New Legacy trailer is out

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I think Space Jam 2 is going to visually stunning and a fun ride. Will it live up to the mystique and nostalgia as the first? No, but it might mean the same thing to this next-Gen that the MJ Space Jam meant to us.

People act like every performance needs to be oscar worthy. This is going to be a fun film just like the first. Lebron knows what he's doing.

The movie looks pretty good. It doesn't make you look uncool. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. I think Lebron is going to kill it as well.

I’m sure it’ll be entertaining, but I’ll say this: it’s not Lebron that has me thinking this movie won’t exactly live up to expectations.

Maybe this makes me not cool but I liked the Space Jam: A New Legacy trailer and think LeBron is actually a pretty good and fun actor. I said it.

Space Jam is just Kingdom Hearts but if Sora went to NBA 2K21 instead of Disney Worlds.

Space Jam 2 Trailer: it was three minutes of pure cringe, but damn if Gamemaster Anthony wasn’t a Jules Verne tier prophet about the multiverse industrial complex. “Bring it in, guys” is now the plot to every single movie that makes a billion dollars.

Pretty meh trailer imo. The Suicide Squad and Mortal Kombat trailers didn't really hit for me either. Dunno whats going on at WB but somethings just off about their movies lately.

The soundtrack sounds nice, the visuals look stunning, and it looks like a really fun movie overall. People hate it just because it’s LeBron or their nostalgia for the first one doesn’t want them to enjoy it.

If that soundtrack is ANYTHING like the first movie’s, then this will be legendary.

I don't like it beacaue it has that Same Energy with Tom & Jerry or Scoob. Beacaue everytime when WB brings back a childhood franchise, they always screw them up and tuned them into something that doesn't represent the way they were.

Something I’ve noticed a lot in people hating the trailer is that’s it’s clear they either love Jordan or hate LeBron.

Having been able to watch both of them play, it’s possible to be amazed by both, they’re not mutually exclusive. You may even like or prefer one over the other, but why the extremes. Anyone that has Jordan or Lebron too far apart from each other doesn’t understand basketball.

The appeal of the first Space Jam was everyone loved Jordan and was a big deal him coming to play basketball while he was retired playing baseball. No one cares about Lebron, he’s not even likable.

No one cares about the most consistent player in the NBA, who has broken many records, still winning championships at 36 years old, is playing with one of the most successful teams, and can literally beat any young player at his age. Sure thing.

All that yet he’s still not lived because he’s a dick. Ask your hero why he’s so scared to do a dunk contest.

Lebron is funny AF. I thought his and Bill Hader’s scenes together in “Trainwreck” were some of the best parts. LeBron is actually a fantastic actor he stole the show in that very underrated movie.

And so far the Looney Tunes characters seem to be more authentic to their classic versions which I like. I think the movie looks fun, and people forget... kids are a huge target audience for this. lol!

Damian Lillard, Anthony Davis, Diana Taurasi, & Klay Thompson in the new Space Jam.

Zendaya has been confirmed as the voice actress of Lola Bunny for Space Jam: A New Legacy

A heck of a role for her, best of luck! 

How is this a kids movie when Game of Thrones and Pennywise is being referenced? Along with those band boys who like to rape people? That's kinda weird.

Pepe Le Pew being cut from Space Jam 2 but the rapists from A Clockwork Orange showing up is peak corporate wokeness.

The original Space Jam was a passion project that Chuck Jones and Mel Blanc poured their hearts into. It’s sad to see it commercialised with an unnecessary sequel.

Little known fact, but they personally wrote the scene where Newman said “Slip on your Hanes, lace up your Nikes, take your Wheaties and your Gatorade, and we'll grab a Big Mac on the way to the ballpark”.

It's a shame that they added blatant product placement when the original had beautiful plot-driven dialogues.

I had no interest in seeing this before today, but after the trailer, and reading the issues, I’m sold. Looks like a lot of fun. I honestly think it’ll be good. Won’t be as good as the original, but absolutely gonna be worth the watch.

Can't wait for Space Jam 3 where Faker is sent to an alternate universe and needs to recruit Bugs Bunny as his jungler to take on the Monstars who stole the talents of Nuguri, Canyon, Chovy, Jackeylove and Kaiser.

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