Thursday, February 4, 2021

Investing on an Indoor Hydroponics Solution from Green Armor Hydroponics

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Investing on a system that promotes Sustainable Living by growing our own food literally in the comfort of our own homes using the solution from GreenArmor Hydroponics

We don't really need to save on money, properties and material stuff, since it will be useless in situations when currency is no longer accepted (like a zombie apocalypse, or a global pandemic much worst than what we're experiencing right to get through a survival of the fittest, and most equipped to grow and harvest their own crops, ...

Seriously, I'm doing this to find solutions that works for urban families with homes having very little access to extra land so they do container gardening, but still with limitations. It's our current condition so I'm speaking by experience. Envious of those with bigger properties that they could allocates space for their vegetable garden or mini farm. 

You could actually make this system work this even without electricity via Kratky method, or introduce the addition of solar panels, to store power on batteries to power up the pump that circulates the water and the LED grow lights that simulates sunlight. The grow lights are to be used starting when seedlings have sprouted.

The nutrient solution could also be replicated naturally with organic alternatives. There are many commercial alternatives but our goal should be finding alternatives whose ingredients are easily accessible. 

It's very easy to assemble and convenient as a growing medium that would fit fine at any small space within our homes. Electricity cost is minimal, and planting is so easy as you just drop the seeds in the LECA balls and wait for germination until harvest time. Especially for leafy veggies like lettuces, pechay, mustasa, that only takes roughly a month to harvest. 

Probably the only thing you'll have to do is replenish the water and nutrient solution where the setup conveniently came equipped with ways to effortlessly check.

Expecting a bountiful harvest of kale, arugula and lettuces soon from the indoor hydroponics setup so I'll post another blog after a month or so.

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