Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Loisa Andalo gives a tour of her home

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“Loisa” is one of the hottest trending topic now in the Philippines. 

Loisa Andalo be like: "PD 1096 who? Don't care about National Building Code of the Philippines" as she gives a house tour of her home.

Chos, baka hindi lang informed si Loisa.

Waiting for “Pinoy Architect reacts to Loisa Andalio’s house” 

People really think architects are just bashing Loisa. No, they're protecting their profession.

Loisa's house is like the prime example of why architecture is looked down on by others, nobody respects architects expertise enough to hire them. The average Filipino will just consider it an additional unnecessary cost to an already big budget requirement.

It should be a right, not a privilege or luxury, for every average Filipino family to have a safe and livable homes designed by building professionals.

But let's be real. It may be funny to call out mistakes on Loisa's house, but it's a mere fact that most houses in the Philippines are not built or designed by architects and engineers.

Some architects went overboard, the main problem here is if she didn't hire professionals, what happened to the permits?

The permits should be signed by the professionals like architectural documents. for architect, civil engineer for structural documents, etc.

But it is Loisa's personal decision not to hire engineers and architects for her house. Do not tell everyone not to be like her. It is your damn opinion. You can't control anyone from your point of view. Get a life.

I respect those opinions about sa bahay ni Loisa but please consider next time all the hard work, and decision ng tao. Yes, you have the right to comment your thoughts but dont belittle her because of not having an architect. We all have our free will to decide whatever we want in our life.

To be honest, even I did not bothered to get an architect and all I could say is....I regret that decision. My house construction is all wrong. I learned the hard way that I should invest on an architect to properly build a house.

Hindi naman kasi mahal ang kumuha ng Architect and Engineer. Actually in the long run mas makakamura pag nag hire kayo ng professionals. Hindi lang naman about aesthetic ang pagpaplano ng bahay. Madaming kino consider yan lalo na ang safety.

Architects not only help you get the best design solution for your space (aesthetically and economically) we are called the prime professionals for that reason. In the hierarchal ladder of responsibility, engineers are only responsible for structural parts of the plans.

I can't police ordinary people who choose to hire engineers instead of architects, but Loisa is a public figure. The fact that she is so proud to admit that she didn't hire professionals, is like sending a message to others that its okay to violate rules set by the NBCP.

If my understanding is correct, her not hiring said professionals is a violation, and the fact that she somehow got a building permit is a testament to how lax our rules are.

Loisa should've consulted the right professionals for her dream house. i haven't seen her vlog yet but I've been seeing a lot of photos circulating on social media and it's disappointing, let's say she's happy with the outcome but still it's illegal. Obviously walang building permit.

What many don't understand is people saying she's disrespecting architects. I have a profession of my own and I wouldn't be offended nor find it disrespectful if some random stranger decides to DIY what I could have done professionally.

Honestly, that's a future that I can anticipate and that's not anybody's fault. Throughout the years, there are plenty of professional jobs that were already phased out. So yes, I'll be okay with it but I can totally understand and respect why some people wouldn't.

Her sister did say they have a design made by an architect. We may have spoke and judges too soon.

However, after seeing the obvious design flaws, and if they really have a design made by an architect, Loisa should be suing those who designed and built her house.

May God continue to bless Loisa even more. Dont worry, God knows how much you exert so much effort on everything you do. Keep the fire burning. Keep the faith.

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