Thursday, December 3, 2020

Eyeing for Presidency: Pacquiao was just named President of PDP-LABAN

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Pacquiao was just named President of PDP-LABAN, PRRD's party. He's rumored to be eyeing the Top Post in 2022.

Senator Manny Pacquiao has promised that the administration party PDP-Laban would take a strong stance against corruption and take the cudgels for the marginalized as he sits as its president. 

Kita niyo? Same old drama from 2016. Di raw tatakbo. I swear, Pacquiao is just a pawn. He may mean well but he's being used and it's not good for us all.

Waking up and seeing twitter news and I was like, WTF?

Manny Pacquiao? He's well enough the Philippine's pride of Boxing; getting the news before that he's a senator and I was like, really? And now, eyeing for presidency? Dude, I won't look down on you but please, stop there. 

Manny Pacquiao having a big chance at being president is scary.

He's loved by Filipinos, so if he chooses to run for the presidency, he might just win (popular vote).

Manny Pacquiao is another product of Populism like Dogterte.

He knows he's popular, he's influential and he can deceive anyone to vote for him. 


Kunwari para sa mahirap para sa masa pero pangsariling interes lang pala iniisip.

Pacquiao is eyeing for presidency in 2022 but he never made any significant and known contribution to our society except for the recognition as a great Filipino boxer.

But he’s extremely religious (not that its a bad thing, but you know, separation of state and religion) and then he misinterprets what is written in the Bible, and he is definitely a homophobe. If he wins the presidency, all laws under him might be influenced by his personal preferences. 

Now that Pacquiao is hinting to run for 2022 presidency, let’s not forget what he thinks about gay people.

“Mas masahol pa sa hayop.”

Never forget that Manny Pacquiao has done a TERRIBLE job as a lawmaker. Kahit attendance, bagsak. And now it feels like he's gonna run for President? Mag-boxing nalang sya, please. 

Daming paandar ni Pacquiao. There's the new Paquito hero on Mobile Legends, the podcast with Nas Daily, the Batangas event sans physical distancing, then the PDP-Laban leadership. Ang aga aga, Manny.

He’s also the new endorser for @enjoyGLOBE sabi ng kakilala ko from their agency. Ads will be up soon. 

And his film bio shown this week in Cinema One.

Pacquiao will turn out to be just another politician like Duterte. He will govern with cynicism. We don’t need that. We need a leader that will lift our country up. A leader who respects life— all Filipino lives. We need leadership to stir a country to the future.

I am not comfortable with the idea alone that someone with an IQ at room temperature could lead a country of 100 million. But we know since the boxing commission hearing that he has prompts... and still can not speak straight sentences when not memorized.

No disrespect to Pacquiao, but in terms of leading a country, i think it would be better both for him / his reputation, to leave it to someone more capable.

YES. May puso si Manny.

But MalacaƱang needs more than just a good heart—it also needs a brilliant, open mind.

Pacquiao makes confusing & conflicting statements.

He's Christian, but he supports death penalty, enables a dictator, condones EJKs, & passes judgment vs LGBTQ people.





I can support Pacquiao inside the boxing ring but inside MalacaƱang.......... Never.

Manny Pacquiao is enough being a National Pride and mabuting tao.

To become the Philippine President?

It is NEVER appealing. It's APPALLING!!!

If Pacquiao governed like he fought, the Philippines would be world class under him. Unfortunately he governs like he's dealing poker in the back room where the lights are dim, the smoke is thick, the liquor is flowing, and the goons stand by with bad breath.

I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes the next Estrada and show his true colors to the country.

Just like Duterte, he isn't fit to be president.  Being a great boxer does not equate to being a good president.  Pinoys never learn.  We see Politics as a movie that's why we continuously elect great actors (actresses) and pretenders.

Presidency is much more than boxing. He should think like the late Dolphy who did not run because he said: "What will I do if I win?"

Respect for what Pacquiao achieved in the field of boxing & his help to many Filipinos. The political arena, however, is an entirely different thing. Hope he seriously re-considers his political ambitions for the sake of country and people.

But there's a great probability that he won't. He lives for the roar of the crowd, the clatter of the voting machines.

Sigh. It’s sad that there seem to be no voice of reason from within his circle. Each with his own agenda, thinking for his/her benefit. To hell with country. And PDP-Laban/CPC knows how to play with people’s “sweet spots”. Manny, Duterte, Pimentel, Velasco - the doomsday quartet.

I remember another Manny who also started his campaign early, he fizzled out due to corruption issues. I hope this one fizzles out too, due to incompetence as an elected official, local and national level.

Last month pa sya nangangampanya, nagstart sya sa Antipolo kasama nya mga Ynares.

Cavite pa at may Quezon pa yata after Batangas.

Namigay din siya ng motor banca sa taga Lapu Lapu City.

Utang na loob let's encourage our relatives, friends and everybody NOT to vote for Pacquiao! D30 brought a disastrous presidency. Him on the post is another blow to our country!! Shuta staph!!!!!!!

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