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How can you get SoundCloud more likes and plays?

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As many of us are familiar with, SoundCloud is one of the biggest online music distribution platforms that help independent and aspiring music artists to showcase their talent through DIY music promotion. The brand has changed the outlook of the online music distributing industry and has helped quite many budding artists to gain recognition.

There are several methods for you to use on SoundCloud by which you can increase your plays and likes and actually get “heard” by people. Some people also buy soundcloud likes cheap to increase the number of plays but that is one of the several tricks to follow.

Here are some other tips that you can follow to get results. These ways have proven themselves to be useful and effective and are a must follow if you are looking to increase your likes and plays.

Tag your track

One of the best ways to get new fans to listen to your music is by tagging your music. Tagging allows your track to appear when someone searches for the genre on SoundCloud. Sticking to one main genre is advisable because if you just go crazy and tag your music with a bunch of genres, it is most likely that your track won’t appear in any of them. Make your tags concise and precise, you can add location or moods associated with your music, keep in mind that the more accurate your tags are, the more discoverable your music is going to be for people who want to listen to it.

Buy link

Getting more plays and likes is good, but it won’t get you through the month or get you that headset that you were looking forward to buying. This can be resolved as SoundCloud lets you make a ‘Buy’ link t0 your track when you upload it. This can drastically increase the traffic to your track and also lets you earn some money from your music. Adding the right links like Bandcamp, Juno, iTunes or whichever platform you prefer to sell your music on can be an effective way of reaching out and also make some cash while you are on it.

Tell a story with your waveform

SoundCloud has a feature that allows fans to comment on your waveform, but another method to promote your music is to comment on the waveform yourself. You can use the waveform to communicate with your fans and inform them about the process of how you made your music. The best way to make your fan base increase is to take feedback from existing ones and finding out what exactly you lack to offer them the best experience they listen to your tracks.

Getting your album art right

One of the key factors for music to grow and be recognised is the artwork that is associated with it and appears on the cover. Anywhere you share, be it on Facebook or a blog, the first thing that anyone will see when they look up your track is the album art. Make sure the art can be connected to the music, which enables your album to stand out among a hundred others.

These are a few of the ways that you can get significantly more likes and plays in SoundCloud and even make some money while following your passion.

The final tip for the icing on the cake would be to share more, share regularly and share smartly.

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