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News on the site - start cheerfully and end sadly

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When a user searches for a site to buy goods or order a service, the indicator of the site's life is necessarily the date of the last update in the article and news section.

If there is relevant information, then the company lives in a stable rhythm, continues to provide services, and is not going to close.

Why do you need news on the site

Almost every site has a news section. And by the time the site is commissioned, it is strained with 2-3 info feeds. There are two further development paths: either the owner of the website understands that movement is life and generates news or in thoughtfulness, he will give up on the idea to fill out a section.

A regularly updated news section is a sure sign of a live, not abandoned site. Hence the trust and loyalty of potential buyers and partners.

And also, it is content marketing

The more often the main page is updated, the more attractive it is for search engines. Company news is a great way to tell your partners or customers about new products or services. Banners and pictures on the slider are regularly updated and go into oblivion, and information is stored in the news. News helps to relink site materials. In the text, you can give a link to the page that you want to put in the top / promote and transfer its weight.

SEO texts also need to be written all the time

Many on their sites publish company news. Moreover, the majority, as a rule, makes the same mistake, or rather, two errors. The first is that no one reads the news, simply because they are not appealing to the customer. The second mistake is that they have a traditional logical composition with the main conclusion or advantage at the end. Even if the news contains useful information for the customer, the user does not receive this information because he does not read the message to the end.

Common mistakes when writing news

Before we get started, let's look at a few more common mistakes. For example, news without a news occasion, which is published simply in order to publish the news. Of course, in the context of filling the site with content in search engine promotion, this plays a role, but for visitors to an Internet resource, such news is a little less useful than any.

Another very common mistake is an ode to your loved ones. As a rule, companies in the news place a great emphasis on themselves, believing that this is logical because this is the news of the company. However, the editors who release this news forget that the material is being read by their clients or potential clients, whose vector of values is directed slightly in the other direction.

Nevertheless, any news, if it is written correctly, can be made useful for the consumer and turned into an auxiliary sales tool. To do this, just follow a few simple steps.


Creating any news starts with the correct structure. And for every news, without exception, the postulate of the inverted pyramid is applied. The site guest collects basic knowledge, even if he does not read the report to the end. The implication of the principal advantage involves in reading, which means that you can point his attention to anything else.

The first paragraph (lead)

One of the most important parts of the news is the first paragraph. Lead is most often a stumbling block for many copywriters, as it is either ignored or incorrectly compiled.

Principles for writing a great lead:

  • must include the scent of the news in the first couple of sentences
  • must have the main advantage for the customer
  • must not contain an obscure beginning.
  • must not include details.
  • must prompt the reader to find more details.
  • must be short (a couple or several judgments), specific and unambiguous.

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