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The Top 10 Most Weed Friendly Cities in the World

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The future of weed is bright. The plant’s popularity is proliferating, while researchers continue to unlock its hidden benefits every day. Nowadays, it is not easy to come across an individual who doesn’t use weed products for various reasons. While others benefit from its medicinal capabilities, others use it for recreational purposes. The interesting fact is that the use of weed cuts across all ages and genders. That includes older men and women as well as children. In case you are yet to note how popular cannabis is becoming, here is a list of top ten cities on the planet where weed is friendly.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of those cities that allow almost everything, including smoking of marijuana. The city has more than 100 coffee shops that sell weed to anyone who is 18 years or older. There are also a considerable number of dispensaries with various strains of marijuana.  What makes it the best city to smoke pot is because people are friendly. It is also ever flocked with tourists, and so you won't feel a stranger alone. The town also has impressive coffee shops where you can sit and have puffs.

Vancouver in Canada

Canada is one of the first countries to legalize weed. The first weed-smoking lounges were in Vancouver. You can easily shop at weedsmart and enjoy a puff at the comfort of your home in the city. The rules are not strict here, like in other locations. That makes it the best city in the world to smoke weed. Now that weed is legal for both recreational and medicinal use, Vancouver has become one of the most popular tourist weed destinations.


You may know so many things about Moscow but what you don’t know is that it is a great city to smoke weed. Residents in Moscow consume approximately 22.87 metric tons of marijuana annually, and the number continues to rise. So the next time you head there to see the kremlin, make sure you pass at one of the weed-smoking pots and purchase your favorite strain. You should, however, observe the weed consumption rules while in the country. 

Montevideo in Uruguay

Montevideo is one of the few cities in South America that you can easily enjoy puffs of weed without worrying about spending nights in a police cell. The idea that it is a culturally diverse location makes it among the best weed-friendly cities on the planet. If at all, you are a weed-smoking enthusiast, you should include Montevideo in your bucket list of places to visit. Take 5grams and head out to the city feeling remarkably well.

Barcelona in Spain

Barcelona is not only one of the most beautiful cities in Europe but also the best weed destination if at all, you are a weed smoker. The city is not as open when it comes to smoking weed as Montevideo or Kingston, but it has some fantastic smoking places. It is also home to spannabis, which is one of the most popular weed gatherings. You, however, have to search remarkably well for you to find the best marijuana for smoking.

Kingstone in Jamaica

It is uncommon to see a list of most popular cities to smoke weed in the world that doesn't have a Jamaican town. That is because Jamaica is a weed country, but there it goes by the name ganja. The city doesn't have a system governing the smoking of weed. That is why everyone in the country who is over 18 tends to smoke ganja. It is also an excellent region that tends to attract many tourists throughout the year.

Los Angeles in the USA

Los Angeles is among the best weed-friendly locations on the planet. It is also a place where people smoke massive amounts annually. You should, however, keep in mind that despite marijuana being legal, there is a certain amount you can carry. If you are carrying more than the quantity permissible, you are likely to find yourself paying fines. It is also a location that you can easily adapt to and have a pleasant stay. In Los Angeles, the experience is always fantastic.

Jerusalem in Israel

In Jerusalem, people call cannabis hashish. It is an incredible place where you can easily consume large amounts of weed without any problems. The government partners with research scientists to unlock the benefits of marijuana. It is also the first place where scientists managed to Isolate THC from marijuana. While in Jerusalem, you don't have to worry about strict hashish rules and so consider yourself free. That is what makes it rank best when it comes to the top ten weed-friendly destinations.

Berlin in Germany

Every traveler knows that Berlin is the city to be if you want to have a fantastic time enjoying life and meeting new people. You should also keep in mind that it is among the few locations where you can enjoy puffs of weed undistracted. Matching that with the availability of remarkable nightlife makes it the best place to be in the world. It is also the city where you can easily meet new people and enjoy the atmosphere.

San Francisco in the USA

San Francisco is one of those states in the US, where people are not afraid to fight for their rights. They are very good at standing their ground when it comes to having whatever they want. That is why it is among the states where weed is legal on the planet. You can easily smoke weed in San Francisco. All you have to do is visit a smoking lounge and have some cannabis as you wait to tour other places.

The cities above have a great culture as well as incredible weed selling and smoking points. These are places where you can comfortably smoke weed without brushing shoulders with anyone. They are also places where people smoke significant amounts of marijuana yearly. They have remarkable tourist attraction sites with amazing streets that can easily accommodate foreigners.

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