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The Difference between Cold and Flu

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Story of Louie- a baby prone to both Cold & Flu

Louie’s parent showed their concern towards their son, who is barely a year oldin December 2014. He got his first Flu vaccine in October 2014 and expected for a second dose but got delayed due to some circumstances. 

For continuous two weeks, he suffered from cold, but in December 2014, he got a fever. On diagnosis, they found that he suffered from croup and tests positive for Flu (influenza A).

Everything you need to know about Cold and Flu

The virus causes both Cold and Flu, but is your nose stuffy, nose scratchy, or your head swirling? If that is the case, consult a nearby doctor because you may be a victim of either cold or Flu.

Both Cold and Flu are upper respiratory infections but are there any other ways to identify the cause when everyone knows that nowadays, manyhospitals areproviding 24 hours medical-assistance.

But maybe Cold or Flu might have taken a toll on your body that you failed to identify the difference associated with both the problems. So, let’s check out their differences simultaneously and find doctors online for any clarifications.

Know what’s bothering you- Cold or Flu

Here are some of the symptoms associated with both Cold and Flu, which might get scary with prolonged effects. It will also clarify the differences between them, which are as follows:

     A. Symptoms for Cold

· Sore Throat
· Runny or Stuffy Nose
· Cough
· Sneezing
· Mild Tiredness
· Headache or Body Aches

     B. Symptoms for Flu

· Dry, hacking cough
· Moderate to High Fever (Not in every case)
· Shaking Chills
· Sore Throat
· Headache
· Body Aches or Severe Muscle Cramps
· Stuffy and Running Nose
· Vomiting and Nausea, as well as diarrhea (most common with children)
· Severe Fatigue (lasting up to two weeks)

While these symptoms are common, there might be chances of having other symptoms. If the symptoms persist for more than the specified period, then one must consult a doctor for its treatment. So, are you ready to know the durational period for both the issues? Let’s find out the

Duration associated with both issues
Colds are milder than the Flu and generally comefor over a few days. Most of themget better in 7-10 days period, although symptoms can last up to 2 weeks.
Flu symptoms catch quickly, which usually last up to 1 to 2 weeks and can cause some severe damage.
Symptoms act as a guide to figure out the actual problem. It’s like you have a weapon through which you can conquer the diseases. So, be your savior and book an appointment with a doctor for a quick review and solutions.

How to Prevent the Cold and Flu
“Prevention is better than cure”- a famous saying can relate to preventing Cold and Flu. So, here are the guidelinesfor its prevention:

     A. For Cold-
·      Avoid contacts: Stay away from the ones having a Cold and do the same if you have it too.
·     Maintain Hygiene: A proper hygiene means that you are nullifying the effects of cold at a much quicker pace.

·         Fluids: Drink plenty of fluids (like water).

     B. For Flu-  
    In addition to the above prevention, Doctors might recommend the flu vaccine in severe cases.

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