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5 Types of Cut Flowers Widely Grown in the Philippines

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Cut flowers are blossoms that have been cut from the plant bearing it. They are removed from the plants for two purposes- decoration and gifting. The cut flowers are typically used in arrangements, wreaths, bouquets, baskets, flower stands, and garlands. There is a dedicated flower industry for cut flowers in the Philippines due to its ideal climate conditions to grow several tropical and subtropical floral varieties. The Philippines is also a big exporter of flowers to countries like Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Italy.

Here is a list of popular cut flowers widely grown in the Philippines.


Lilies are a group of flowering plants native to the temperate northern hemisphere. The lilies can be identified by their long, narrow leaves and scaly bulbs. Two popular kinds of lilies grown in the Philippines are- Oriental Lily & Asiatic Lily. Stargazer and Cordelia are two types of lilies commercially grown in the Philippines.

Meaning: Humility, Devotion, & Beauty

Occasion: Easter, Mother’s Day, Weddings, Birthday


Rose is the most loved flower in the world that comes in a variety of shades. Many roses have a strong, pleasant fragrance that are used across the world as a symbol of love and affection. The online florist shops are full of beautiful bouquets and luxurious arrangements of roses. You can place the order online for rose flower delivery in Philippines to woo your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day or express heartfelt love and gratitude for your wife on the first wedding anniversary. Mercedes, Golden Times, White Liberty, and Red Success are some of the types of roses commercially grown in the Philippines.

Meaning: Love, Romance, Passion, Gratitude, Appreciation, Admiration, Desire, & Enthusiasm

Occasion: Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Wedding, Birthday


Orchid is a unique flower that creates an aura of beauty and elegance. Orchids are the large family of flowering plants with fragrant blossoms. These are long-lasting flowers and some species can survive up to 100 years. Singapore White, Jaquelyn Thomas, White Fairy, & Tuang Pink are some common types of orchids commercially grown in the Philippines.

Meaning: Love, Luxury, Beauty, & Strength

Occasion: Birthday, Housewarming party, Job Promotion, Holidays


Chrysanthemums are known as the most popular flowers after rose. They are believed to have originated from China. The name ‘chrysanthemum’ comes from the Greek word 'Chrys' meaning golden and 'anthemon’ meaning flower. Chrysanthemums are widely used in decorations and the preparation of different cuisines due to their medicinal properties. Whether you want to send flowers to Philippines on your sister’s baby shower or best friend’s birthday, a bouquet or arrangement of chrysanthemums would make a perfect choice. Regan Series, Fuji Series, Taiwan Yellow, & Puto Puto are the chrysanthemum types commercially grown in the Philippines.

Meaning: Joy, Friendship, Optimism, Longevity, Fidelity, & Honesty

Occasion: Birthday, Baby Shower, Funeral


Anthurium is a genus of more than 800 species found in the New World tropics from Mexico to northern Argentina and Uruguay. The Anthurium is also known as Painted Tongue, Flamingo flower, and Tail flower. These blooms are known for their brightly colored flowers and ornamental leaves. The Anthuriums are generally used to decorate sympathy flower stands for funerals. With very little attention, these flowers can be looking beautiful for a long time. Nitta, Kaumana, Chandler, Midori, Margaretha, Fantasia, & Tropical are the anthurium types commercially grown in the Philippines.

Meaning: Happiness, Abundance, & Hospitality

Occasion: Women’s Day, Holiday Season, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day

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